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  1. Wow do you work for Yamaha or just their biggest fan? I’d mix brands if I had room for more bikes.
  2. Just got my Corbin seat today, you have to remove the seat adjuster to get it to work in the bike correct? otherwise it wouldn't latch, was kind of hoping to have it set to the high position, but none the less feels great. I was lucky enough to find one on FB Marketplace for $250 shipped. Remembering how much I liked it on my VFR I jumped quickly and bought it. I'll provide an update in a couple of weeks after getting some good miles on it.
  3. Just installed the Chinese rear rack and then drilled some custom holes for my Monolock plate (why did they name the 2 different models so closely that as an owner I don't even know what I have without looking it up...) and my Big 52 lt trekker on the bike now. I also took off the side bags and frame and put them aside till I need them for a bigger road trip or something. 90% of the time the tail bag is more than sufficient for me.
  4. Some pictures of it. the holes line up with the grab handle nuts on the back perfectly.
  5. Already investing, rear rack, to put my Givi plate on, throttle locker, heated grips, cell charger qi holder.
  6. Good news bad news, this cheap Amazon backrest fits great and is below $20, bad news mine had no padding as pictured. I wrote a review with photos, if anyone in PA wants to pick it up for their bike after ordering this I was able to find a rack that I could mount my Givi. plate to giving me a trunk with a backrest. No affiliation https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PX2THDD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Hello, I am Brian, and I have been riding for 25+ years and had a plethora of bikes through the years Suzuki Bandit 400cc, Honda VFR750F, BMW K1200GT, Yamaha FJ1300, Triumph Explorer 1200, and now the FJ-09, I was very close to buying a Ducati Hyperstrada but it was just about due for timing belts, then I was thinking while I am sending someone in might as well check the valves too, and all of a sudden expensive European maintenance popped its head up and the bike was too cramped for my 6'3" 250lb frame. So I took a look at the Yamaha's and found a pristine sub 2k mile 2017.
  8. Hi new here, just got a blue 17 FJ-09 and I was just looking over my toolkit and thinking about an adjustment or 2. I did realize I have never filled a tire with CO2, so I was curious how many cartridges it takes if I were to repair a flat so I looked up: 6-8 of the little bastards is what it will take! Granted at 20PSI you probably safe putting along for a few miles to get to an air pump.