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  1. Also a big guy, so I just swing a leg over it. I can comfortably flat foot it on the center stand though, so...
  2. I'm 6'4", and just keep mine in the lower position and it's fine. Mind you, I also have very minimal windshield experience, and was never bothered by wind even on long road trips on bikes without a windshield. Just with mine in the upper position air is very turbulent around my head if I'm not tucking down and riding aggressively. Definitely a subjective thing though.
  3. Maybe US? Or maybe just older fj09's? My GT isn't speed limited... but it also has a 2" longer swingarm, too.
  4. There's some low-voltage situations that can cause that, but they should reset. I can't remember the specifics of it, but I know it happened with my MT07 a couple times. Not just disconnecting, though, I think you need to disconnect it *while* the ignition is on? Or have it (power, that is) flicker off and on quickly while the ignition is on. Makes the ECU pixies angry. But as I said that should clear once you drive it a bit. Basically, you're triggering the "battery voltage is too low; check your charging system" alarm. It should NOT be triggered by normal battery disconnects, though, the ECU needs to think the voltage is low, not gone.
  5. The Tracer is a great machine, and (as can be expected here on a Tracer forum) I'd strongly recommend a GT if you're interested in the features, mostly because it's a pretty good deal and cheaper just to get it all stock.... Particularly as you'll never get a base Tracer as spiffy as the GT is. IMHO, the real strength of the Tracer GT is in the value proposition. You get *so much more* for your money than elsewhere... And there's not really any cheaply cut corners. It's just a damn good bike at a really reasonable price. Shopping for 2019's new is pretty ideal too. I got mine in November, at a huge discount because the 2020's where coming in. Ended up paying iirc $11500 (Canadian Pesos, mind you, not USD) AND had them throw in the first service free.
  6. That's normal. When the CEL is lit it won't let you access the menu (that is, on the TFT Tracer 900 GT dash). I went down that route when I ran the bike on the center stand. Don't do that, by the way, it really pisses of the TCS and ECU. The TCS will reset and work again, but you're stuck with a CEL and no menu access. I ended up needing to have mine reset at a shop as o don't yet have an adapter and I needed into the menu to adjust heated grips settings.
  7. I've had that happen, actually. It sucked, a lot more than you may think. Interestingly it wasn't winter, and was a nice sunny day when I left. Started raining really hard, then the temp dropped 12C in an hour and a half, turned to snow and started freezing the slush. All the water kicked up off the road onto me and my bike would freeze pretty much instantly. It was on my MT07, so no handgaurds or windshield. By the time I got home, my gloves where so frozen I couldn't take my hands off the controls, and had no feeling anymore. Soak+freeze is baaaad. Front of my jacket was a frozen sheet of ice, no feeling below my knees and my boots+pants where frozen together. Won't do that again. Man, the unbelievable pain as I started to warm up and got feeli g back in my hands and feet. Jesus. Nothing at all like riding in -30c. Waaaaay worse.
  8. Here in Canada anyways, having a shop remount my wheels is $100+. Yes, I could pull em, have the wheels changed, and reinstall them in a day - swapping wheels is very fast, and a shop can remount much faster than I can. I ride 15k+ per year. That's a good set of touring tires. I'm fond of Road 5's personally, and they're good enough for my summer riding. However, I ride year round. I have winter tires, so I need to swap tires twice a year *minimum* because if I run my winters above around 7c I'll burn through them extremely fast, while running the road 5's in -20c is pretty damn sketchy. So, assuming changing tires twice a year that's $200/yr in cost. Now, yeah, buying a new set of OEM wheels for my Tracer is prohibitively expensive, but if I could find a low cost pair of say used MT09 wheels (assuming they're physically compatible) for say 300-400cdn? That's two years of changes, and allows me to swap tires types quickly and easily. I'd even go with marked up (if straight of course) wheels for the winters because they don't need to be pretty. So, yeah, that's the thread. Hoping to find some cheap enough that it's practical.
  9. Exactly. I mean, I get most people aren't going to be into the winter tire thing, but even with normal summer riding, I'd like to be able to have some high mileage touring tires and some sport tires. Changing tires yourself is *hard* work, extremely labour intensive, and paying someone else to do it (at least here) starts at about $100 for both, with the wheels off the bike. Makes it kinda prohibitive to swap tires just for a given ride... And is why I never have pure sport tires, though I'd love to give them a go.
  10. May be at at idle the bike is at 12v (ish) and at 4k+ RPMs your more at 14.4v?
  11. What does? Getting a second set of wheels to swap back and forth?
  12. Pretty sure just running. I warm up my bike before leaving for work in the morning and the grips are warm when I leave.
  13. Something I like about this bike I've found is there's far fewer "must have" bits. Most bikes have a laundry list of things that need fixing from the factory. Most of the stuff is random cosmetic farkles, which is a nice change from some other bikes I've owned. Particularly with the GT, there's so little stuff even to add.
  14. Those look awesome, but absurdly expensive. I'd love to get a good deal on a set, but at almost $300cdn that's insane. Lucky find!