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  1. What's funny here is that this is a more mild winter - our normal winters are insanely cold and dry. But it rarely snows (we get 333 days of sun per year) as any moisture just freezes out of the air before it can build up enough to really snow. But instead, thanks to global warming, our winters are getting warmer. Instead of -40, we're capping out around -26, and spending a lot more time in the single digit negative temps - prime snowing temperatures. Sucks for me, as the cold is fine, but lots of snow is much less manageable. I hear ya about the shorter days, that sucks a lot. I work 7am-7pm / 7pm-7am shift work, which means it's dark when I go to work, and dark when I go home, every day, regardless of which shift I'm working.
  2. Not in this; though. A little snow or slush sure, but there's like a solid foot out there right now. That's just gross. It's supposed to clear up now, though, after it snowed clear through the last 3 days.
  3. Just get heated liners? I've got these: Firstgear 12V Heated Glove Liners (LG-XL) | 50% ($45.00) Off! Once you wear heated glove liners, you'll never look back. The... and they work fine. They're thin - made specifically for wearing under other gloves. I've moved to full heated gloves, though, as I prefer armor - I can deal with road rash on my arms and legs, but not my hands
  4. Totally honest here: If I could order those panels in a matte black, I'd do that. I wrapped mine - I've got the Grey/Red/White 2019 model, and really didn't like the white lower panels (it's the only spot of white on the bike!). Wrapping mine went pretty well, but TBH when it comes time to redo it, I'll just spray them with plastidip. The vinyl works great, and has held up really well now it's into it's second winter, but it's pretty challenging to apply to this part. Not impossibly so - this was my first vinyl wrapping experience and it went pretty well - but it was challenging. They really do just look significantly better in black, though. On pretty much every GT color scheme.
  5. The autoignition temperature of gasoline is around 280C/500F in a lab. With a watercooled engine turned off, there shouldn't be anything exposed even close to those temps - and splashing fuel is going to cool stuff very fast. Hell, you can touch anything on the bike except the exhaust headers without risk of burns while it's running. Tests, such as here: Fuels > Autoignition Temperatures Detailed Results show a failure of pump gas to autoignite even over 1200F on exhaust. So, the risk of fire is basically nonexistent. In a somewhat related note, had a local riding buddy recently have one of his fuel injectors (or at least the the connection to the throttle body) *fall out* while riding his GSX750. Sprayed gas everywhere at highway speeds, shooting it forwards up into the console where wind blew it back across the top of the tank, soaking him. Not exactly what you want to have happen at speed; bike suddenly barely running, gas all over you. Be so damn surprising and terrifying. In an otherwise somewhat related note, not paying attention due to the presence of a sexy lady near by is also how I managed to get in my first motorcycle accident. Turn - all full of 16 year old guy on his new bike hormones - wave to the pretty girl...... and rear-end a stopped Jetta at 50. Good times!
  6. I've often thought about it but yeah, ultimately I'm just never in a situation where I desperately need that extra capacity AND will find it particularly onerous to just slowly squeeze in the extra fuel. The Tracer's tank is reasonably sized, and at least everywhere I find myself gas stations are readily available or there's lots of advance notice. Hell, even on my MT07, it was so rarely an issue that filling the last part slowly was rare enough as to just not matter. Contrast that with the terror of potentially damaging the tank in the process (my willingness to get my hands dirty coupled with my general idiocy make this a real danger)... nah. Also: am I the only one who just stays on the bike when filling? I don't think in 25 years of riding, I've ever gotten off my bike to fill it.
  7. High or low doesn't impact slope: the two positions raise both the front and back of the seat equally.
  8. This bothers me too. A lot. I mean, it doesn't really matter and it's easy to forget about, but as soon as you look at it along the bars, from side to side, it just looks wrong. Nobody looking at the bike has ever noticed it, but it drives me nuts every time I take stuff apart and put it back together.
  9. Hah I didn't call and ask first because I'm dumb, but I ran ethanol free, and my bike did indeed run overly rich (MT07, mind you, but yeah). Called them, and they said exactly the same thing: that it's tuned for E10 as that's what's pretty much universally available. Apparently, being at higher elevation (3400+ft ASL) really contributes too.
  10. The reason this happens is that the ethanol will bind with moisture over time. It's not a problem when you're riding a lot, but when you're bike (/lawn mower/etc) sits over the winter, the ethanol in the gas will bind with moisture and separates. Hence running bad, and potentially causing some corrosion issues.
  11. Hmm. I will interject that my bars (2019 GT) are indeed *not* standard. They're 22mm at the grip, but IIRC 1" where they attach to the risers (I assume 1"; wider, but I don't recall the exact measurement). So if replacing them, you'd want to do some measuring first just to be sure you're getting a set that fits.
  12. Unless you're putting regular into a high compression engine and having detonation, in which case you'll destroy your engine over time. If there's no detonation, then yeah, it doesn't matter.
  13. Exactly. I mean, a dollar more at the pump is simply not going to break me. If I'm so hard up that I'm looking to shave a single dollar when I get gas, then maybe the 13k bike is something I should reconsider I feel people are funny about gas pricing in general. I mean, sure, nobody wants to pay more, but even with my old pickup gas was simply not a major part of my monthly budget. I put a lot of miles on my bike, but really, it's just not a lot of money relative to basically any other expense. Like, I end up paying roughly $600 a year in tires alone. Not using the premium that's asked for by the engineers who made it can result in increased engine wear or catastrophic failure. That's kind of a big deal, and definitely not somewhere I'll risk saving the price of a cup of coffee once per week. Ethanol vs. non-ethanol is different, however. Here anyways, there's no cost difference (it's just a matter of finding which stations have ethanol free premium, but it's all the same price) and also - with the potential exception of if you let your bike sit - there's no wear/damage issues with ethanol. Ethanol free is (slightly) more power-dense, which makes it (here, where the sticker price is the same) slightly more cost effective in theory, though I've never seen a difference in mileage in practice.