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  1. These are the stock pearl white panels covered in black vinyl. Dodgy Knees got similar results with Plastidip. However, you can get replacement panels from any dealer/shop that can order OEM parts. You can order them online as well, of course, but it's harder to be certain you're getting the correct colors. Within a generation, they're all the same, so you can pick between any of the colors available. I mentioned the price back a couple pages, IIRC they're $75CDN each, but I'm too lazy to go back and check again. You can get red (matching the red stripes on the grey bike like mine, which are the non-GT 2019 panels, you can get the 2020 red-orange metallic panels, 2019 Silver, 2019 and 2020 black, and probably others.
  2. Hah yeah, the windshield is hot garbage. Maybe it works for really tiny people, but for me it's significantly worse than nothing. I'm not a big windshield guy though; I'm happy just leaning on the wind. So it's a much smaller windscreen for me, at least for spring/summer/fall riding. I've been considering making some plexiglass extensions for the handguards (bolt on with those two screws on the inside of each). I like how they look, but they don't do much. Again, in the summer I'm not concerned, but when it's below freezing anything that gets wind off my hands is good, heated gloves or not. Just wait. Going WOT in A mode on the Tracer is a rush. It's less of a unicycle than the MT09 due to the extended swingarm, but it really likes to go. Add in the quickshifter (if you don't already know, use while accelerating and above 4000rpm - don't back off on the throttle) and it's crazy fun.
  3. Man, I kind of want AIS blockoff plates purely so I can get rid of that stupid AIS module and make plug changes way easier.
  4. Installed my Aliexpress kickstand foot - Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at Aliexpress.com $8 seemed pretty reasonable. I kind of like how the bike stands up a little straighter on it than it did before, but mostly I'm looking forward to fewer melty holes in pavement in the summer, and ice in the winter, and dirt all the time. Really cheap and simple farkle, but whatever. Does the job.
  5. Mine seal very well. I ride year round in all kinds of weather and even in torrential rain (or, for that matter, pressure washing the bike) I've never had a single drop of water inside my bags. rubbery seal here too.
  6. You'd have no problem grabbing stuff out of the cop's sight? I mean, there's a pile of American's in this very thread being pretty clear about keeping hands visible etc. I mean, just up this page:
  7. I just got mine, it's exactly like that, but it was $8 on Aliexpress.
  8. To be honest, I don't remember off hand. I just went into the local bike dealership, said I needed those off a particular bike. The dealership can order specific colours, of course, because they need to be able to buy replacement parts if you break them. I wasn't comfortable ordering them online because I couldn't find a site that sold them reliably differentiated by color here in Canada. Whereas if they arrive and they're the wrong color, then that's the dealerships' problem not mine.
  9. Yeah I actually like the pumpkin turn signals myself. I really like the running light functionality, and that I can see them blinking while riding because I can't see the dash indicator most of the time. Why 2 left signals? I get wanting to change them, though, and I imagine most people do so.
  10. I've still got the stock signals on mine, but as far as I know you'd just order one of each?
  11. You're in Couer D'Alene? Lots of wonderful riding through there; that's a fixed part of my annual group bike trip down south of the border. I absolutely love the 97 south out of CDA to Harrison. Oh! And breakfast at Jimmies Down The Street. Mmmmm. Stupid borders being closed.
  12. Nice! It's a great white. My last bike, an MT07, was the Intensity White colorway: That same pearl white and red accents. Beautiful.
  13. Yes. You can put the Tenere or MT-10 turn signals on it, but you'll need an electronic flasher too because the Tracer (and FJ) has incandescent bulbs and an old-school flasher.
  14. Dealership, just ordered as OEM replacement parts. This is a Tracer, too - I removed the "Tracer gooGT" stickers before wrapping the panels. I'd assume you could get older FJ panels too, but the FJ's as a rule have much better color schemes than the Tracers do so it's less of an issue.
  15. It helps a lot to wrap or plastidip those white panels matte black, so they match the side pieces below the tank. I wrapped, @Dodgy Knees plastidipped his, and it makes the bike look a lot better: That said, it turns out you can just order new panels entirely in whatever color you want (that Yamaha makes them in, so red, red-orange, white, blue, black, and silver) for about $250CDN. I've got black ones on the way.