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  1. How's the go pro with vibration? What does the picture end up like mounted like that?
  2. Huh that's a neat looking applicator. I should look into that; I think I've lubricated my cables differently every time I've done it for the past 25 years, may as well try something else new!
  3. Heat gun and a plastic razor. They're awesome for removing anything glued on without damaging the surface.
  4. Installed my new Givi crash bars, and added highway pegs. I like them a lot, they mount very solidly (using all three engine mounts on each side), and feel very, very sturdy. All the while fitting well with the lines of the bike and staying close so they don't hang out. Really happy with them.
  5. Yeah, I've watched most of his stuff. Really educational, but sadly much is "go for a ride, see how it feels, then adjust to suit" which isn't too helpful. I know how to set rider sag (though I don't yet know what it should be on our suspension, nor how one determines that), and I understand what compression and rebound *do*, but as I've never ridden a bike set up for me - but have ridden hundreds of thousands of miles over a quarter of a century - I've no frame of reference for what I should have. From there, even if I where to just assume I needed to replace springs, I would have no idea which to get, or really how to shop for them at all. I've been looking around, but there's no specialist suspension shops for street bikes around here - there was one, but it's closed for some time. And the shop I bought the bike at was just "I turned up the preload a click, should be fine." Not confidence instilling.
  6. I ride at night a lot (the magic of shift work, yay) and ran into an issue: Sharp corners and such at close quarters, particularly when there's the danger of ice on the ground as there always is in Canadian winters, were always blind. Headlights mounted to the fairing always point forward, and that's less helpful when you're not trying to go forward, and it's critical to always see pavement before you ride on it. So, I added a LED flood light bar, mounted to the forks so it would cover the area in front of the bike and turn with the handlebars. This seemed like a great idea. Indeed, it works fantastically well as the LED light bar throws out an absolutely nutty amount of light. However, it really, REALLY amplifies the "Angry Face" look of the front of the bike. And as the light bar - the "mouth" - moves with the handlebars, it seems even more expressive. Maybe I should have gone with a pair of pods This is *just* the light bar, no headlights.
  7. The 2019 GT has an upgraded suspension. I often wonder in these discussions if people are coming from a comparison of the non-GT/older models suspension or not? I mean, I ride hard, and mine feels pretty decent all around. Or is the GT's suspension also considered poor?
  8. I'm really not a suspension guy, to be honest. This is my first bike with a fully adjustable suspension, as all but my last bike (MT07) were old 80's machines with tired old shocks. Realistically, I'll probably need HD springs(I say this because I just expect it being 300lbs, not because of a problem), but I need to find someone who can help me out because I don't know what it should feel like. I set up rider sag on the rear of my MT07, and need to on this (front and rear) but I don't know what the target is. What I can say is that where it currently is - rear +2 clicks in from stock (this was not a showroom model), I don't bottom the suspension and it feels pretty decent. Planted cornering, no bounce. I was immediately comfortable leaning hard in corners and hanging off it. But, again, I may just not know what I'm missing.
  9. Hey! I just traded in my 2018 MT07 for this 2019 Tracer GT. I do miss the crazy fun of the 07, but the Tracer is a tremendously better bike all around. Rather than having to go WOT all the time, you can get the same performance out of a nice sedate half throttle While there's always the mods jokes (as per above) if anything the Tracer is a great deal cheaper than the 07 is that way - it already comes with so much stock. Welcome to the fold!
  10. Holy crap, that must have been an incredible trip. And loooooong.
  11. Heh the standard maps about tend to be very misleading on how big Australia actually is. I mean, it's still only 3/4's the size of Canada, but that's still much larger than I ever really think of it. I suppose it depends on who you're talking to, though - to someone living in Europe, say, I imagine Australia would seem incredibly vast. For us North American folks, though, it's just country sized
  12. "Technically" a snowmobile helmet, but in my case it's a GMax MD01S. This is *exactly* the same helmet as the GMax MD01 motorcycle helmet (part for part identical, including ECE rating), the only difference is that it comes with extra (removable) breath guards and a heated, dual pane faceshield. Has a multipart wire and connects to the bike just like other heated gear. Search for "electric face shield" on fortune/revzilla, and you'll find you can get these for a great many helmets - though typically "snowmobile" helmets are cheaper than their otherwise identical motorcycle helmet versions despite having more stuff. Buying an electric face shield on its own is typically around $100. A heated face shield will never fog or ice up, and even in *very* cold weather will keep your face nice and warm too. That's where the cold gets in (helmet foam is an excellent insulator), so heat there keeps your whole head warm. In the summer, I just disconnect the wires (simple RCA plugs) and leave them in my bags. GMax MD01S Wired Snow Helmet - Dual Lens | 10% ($25.99) Off! GMax MD01 Stealth Helmet | 10% ($20.90) Off! ...
  13. Heh heated helmet, jacket liner, riding pants. Heated grips, of course. One of those stretchy neck cover things, too, to prevent tiny bits of exposed neck. With heated gear and no exposed skin, you're warm and toasty. I've previously always run good rain tires, because part of their design is decent low temp grip. Pilot Road's are definitely decent. Still, when your tires are <0c, grip is not good. You need to keep that in mind until they warm up, but they will. Even at -20c, they'll end up nice and warm in a few km's. I've just ordered a pair of the Anlas Winter Grip Plus tires noted in the OP(actually winter rated tires!), so I'll put together a winter review for them once I've got a good amount of use on them. So, decent enough grip, warm and toasty without bulk. Keep the bike as upright as possible (easy on the corners), do some brake tests at different temps to get a feel for how much less traction you have when cold (I'll just brake hard coming up to a nice stop sign when safe to see where ABS kicks in), and you're good. Been doing it throughout western Canada for decades.
  14. Fantastic! I hate running so many leads off the battery, and faffing around with relays and such. So much nicer to just have leads handy right there that are already switched. I really appreciate all these little quality of life features on the Tracer. Otherwise I find I tend to end up with super cluttered handlebars with an assortment of different switches and lots of largely redundant wiring running the length of the bike.
  15. Is that/are those auxiliary connectors switched? I just finished ordering a some mounting hardware and lights, with the intent to just tie into the high beam power.... But a quick look showed that's fraught with peril, and that the lighting circuitry should really not be monkeyed with. Looking at the costs to replace any of that if things go sideways quickly pointed out what a bad idea that would be. I'm not super interested in adding a physical switch, and would rather the extra light simply be on any time the key is on. The LED bar is 1.5A, so under the 2A limit for the aux connector, so if that's already switched it'd be great.