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Install Skene Designs P3 lights


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If you are not familiar with the Skene Designs P3 lights, you may want to check them out. I consider them to be a huge safety item for any road bike.
1) Remove rear seat
2) Install the P3 LED's to suit your needs. Feed the flat wires from the LEDs through the same passage that the stock turn signals and license plate light wires follow
4) Locate the tail light connector. (it is a white MT090-3B female and MT090-3 male).
Use a small flat blade screwdriver to release the locking tab and unplug connector.
You’ll want to install the Post-Taps on the tail light side of the connector, just in case
5) Use the 3 included red/grey Posi-Taps to wire in the LED controller module. Be sure to stagger the position of the 3 Posi-Taps to ensure plenty of working room (ie each should be a slightly different distance from the connector so they don’t physically interfere with each other.
Red wire in Skene kit goes to Blue wire to the tail light bundle
Black wire in Skene kit goes to the Black Yamaha wire in the tail light bundle
White wire in Skene kit goes to the Yellow Yamaha wire in the tail light bundle
6) Mount the P3 controller by leaving the Velcro connected and pealing away one side of the adhesive tape and mounting to the controller. Then unpeal the the other side (leaving the Velcro connected) and press it into place on the bike.
Use a butt connector black Posi-Tap to join the three silver colored LED wires.
Repeat for the three coper colored LED wires.
Tape, wire tie, route to make it tidy.
Replace rear seat.
2015 FJ-09, 2016 1290 Super Duke, 2017 150 XC-W (primary ride), 2012 DR650
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