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3 months owner, farkles review

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Three months after purchase, this is what I did to my Tracer 900 (2019, not GT).

Note: I will list where I got the items, not for publicity, but to help someone who might be looking for something similar.  I pay everything, I did not receive any free items, compensation, ...

- Crash bars, directly from Heed in Poland.  I decided for these since they cover the largest area of the engine IMO.  Very clear installation instructions, no issue there.  Be careful they are easy to scratch, a couple layers of clear coat are a good investment.

- Pegs.  I first decided to get the Adventure models from Yamaha, but being only available though Yamaha Canada, for a substantial price, I changed my mind.  Also, I find that I tend to rest my feet forward of the pegs, so the vibration reduction might not have been worth the premium.  I ordered FRJ 1300 pegs, but they are back order, so I am waiting on these from Japan.

- GPS and hardwire.  I got a TomTom 550, since I have been using a TomTom Rider 1 for a couple years.  It is similar, yet different enough to confuse me a bit.  I hardwired it using a MT Connector (Set MT090-2) from Cycle Terminal in the US.  Shipping was the next day, and it was easy to do.  The connector fits perfectly with Yamaha's plug.

- Helibars tour performance riser.  It moves them 1" up, 1" back.  It greatly helped comfort.  I sit higher, helping me tolerate the seat...  This was ordered directly from Helibars.  Bonus, all cables and tubes are long enough, so easy installation.

- From Twisted Throttle:
    - R&G side stand foot enlarger.  Perfect fit.
    - R&G tank traction grips.  I messed up and ordered for a Tracer before 2019, the shape does not fit.
    - R&G fender extender.  Close to perfect fit.
    - Givi tanklock tank ring.  Perfect fit.

- From Revzilla:
    - a Barkbuster kit.  I added the Teardrop bar end weights, it helps with vibration.  Easy installation, works perfect.
    - I also got a Crampbuster, by far the best accessory, especially for the price.
    - Airhark R Cruiser Seat Pad.  It helps, but it's not perfect.  I will have to work on a definitive solution for the seat.

- MadStad Windshield and bracket.  I started with the 22", and finally got a 26".  The 22" was ok, but at the height limit.  With the 26" I have some height left, if I ever need it.

So my verdict on the bike?  I have a love - hate relation to it.  The riding position (pegs vs seat) is weird.  The bar riser and adjusting the foot controls down made it a bit better.  The angle is weird too.  On long touring or highway, it is not comfortable.  However when the bike is pushed hard (well for me, the bike had plenty performance left!) it comes alive, and the weird seat is forgotten.  The acceleration and breaks performance is much greater than what I can manage, so I have to be careful.  I can get a super dose of adrenaline, and that is the point :)

If I can't fix the seat issue, I *might* trade it in for something else, more adventure bike ergonomics.  Too bad, I LOVE the looks and everything else.


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Search ebay for FJR pegs. You will find inexpensive one that work great and are popular with many members here.

Consider a Corbin seat. Keep an eye on the classifieds here or ebay as used and in good condition often come up. For my money it's the most comfortable seat available once it is broken in.

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