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Rear Stand for the FJ

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Pretty sure there are some rear spools you can get and make it compatible with any if the rear stands supporting spools. I could be wrong as I've not used that style. I should be able to comment if the harbor freight stand works soon though. 
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I'm using a Pit Bull rear stand, basically this one:
although mine (now ~15 years old) doesn't have a detachable handle and my spool slots aren't reversible.
You'll need spools for that kind of stand. I can't find a fitment for the FJ (or FZ), and I managed to misplace the spools I was going to put on so I can't check right now, but I'm pretty sure it takes 6mm spools.
I have a Pit Bull front stand too, but they don't appear to manufacture that style anymore. They also don't specify which steerer pin should be used with the FJ, something I'll have to figure out at some point before I rebuild the forks.
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