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Hi, this is Guru !


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Funny you should ask. I currently have a FZ-07. I love it. What do you ride?
FZ-07....Sweet ride.   
How long have you had it?
Did you break it in according to the bike's official manual or did you break it in "hard" which is considered a lot more controversial, but supposedly better in the long run for the bike?
Just curious. 
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I have had it since the beginning of July and have done about 2500 miles. I went for the hard(er) break in. I didn't go crazy, but definitely didn't baby it. In fact my first tank had the worst mpg so far. Now it runs like top and feels tight. I couldn't be happier.
Thanks for the update Guru.  From everything I've heard & read, the hard (er) break in seems to be the preferred way to go for many.  Sounds like you found a great balance of not going crazy, but still pushing it.   
I'm not surprised to hear that you didn't get great mpg on your first tank.  That seems to be a common experience.  Glad to hear you're enjoying your bike & it runs great. 
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My FZ-07 goes in for its first service today. I did a similar break in to Guru. Hopefully that will work well. A Guru has to be correct, right? :)
You are exactly right.  A Guru definitely has to be correct.   
Everyone I've talked to who has gone with the hard break-in versus the soft break-in has had good results. 
Thanks to all for sharing.
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