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i finally pulled the trigger and got it ...in Connecticut


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i was hesitant between this bike and the very low priced 2014 Honda Valkyrie at $12.9 from 18. msrp;brand new .
but after much trolling and reading i decided to go for lightweight 462 vs 756 lbs. and peg noise on curves .
the weight loss is really what made me go for this bike as is the handling i saw on some videos from Spain and the extreme rider on it .not that i will so foolish as this guy but knowing it can do it is worth it.
at 72 i think i should stay with low weight and great handling ..
i will re do the seat ,i use ENSOLITE ,a closed cell foam and i shape it and then i have a local guy here in Miami re cover the seat to my specs.
maybe a screen for cold days and other minor stuff.
i will pick it up in Conn. ( where i also have a house ) the last week in June from where i will ride it to and from Vermont thru back roads and the mountains ( the Valkyrie ,i think ,would not be that good in this environment .
as i add stuff to it i will post ,specially the seat ..on my 2 test rides the seat kept sliding me forward ..easy fix.
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