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Quali problemi se l olio motore è troppo


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Buongiorno a tutti 

Chiedo ai più esperti cosa succede se durante il cambio olio e filtro ne viene messo in eccesso (circa 3 etti in più) e ho già percorso circa 700km di passi di montagna? 

Ho fatto da solo il cambio olio e filtro e come da manuale ho versato nella coppa 2.7 lt considerando le tacche sulla confezione 

Il livello era corretto ma distanza di una settimana si è alzato

Quindi oggi ho tolto una quantità pari 3 tacche della confezione rilivellando correttamente 

Posso aver creato qualche danno avendo girato con un eccesso di olio 

Grazie per i commenti che vorrete postare 

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According to Google Translate, Gio58's post in English is:


Good morning everyone I ask the most experienced what happens if during the oil and filter change it is put in excess (about 3 grams more) and I have already traveled about 700km of mountain passes? I did the oil and filter change myself and as per manual I poured into the cup 2.7 lt considering the notches on the package The level was correct but after a week it has risen So today I removed a quantity equal to 3 bars of the package by leveling correctly I may have created some damage by turning with an excess of oil Thanks for the comments you want to post


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No I don’t think that you damaged anything. May just be a bit of excess oil in your airbox carried via the crankcase breather system. If it worries you, check the air filter. The stock air filter does have a small amount of oil added to the paper element, but engine oil contamination should be easy to spot if it’s an issue. 


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