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Direction deviation while you riding your Niken without hands on your handlebars.

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When I'm driving my Niken at a speed of 50mph (80km), I turn on cruise control and I take my hands off the handlebars, the bike steers a little to the left. I can correct this with my legs so that I stay straight on the road again. I was wondering if several Niken riders suffer from this and whether this falls within the factory margins.

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I never noticed this but I dont remove my hands that much 😁 I will try it next time out.

I guess it could be alot of things besides motorcycle mechanics?

What is the condition of your tires? Are you centered on your seat or do you have some luggage that is not evenly packed?

I've seen cars that are setup to steer towards the edge of the road when hands are removed from the steering wheel in case the driver was to fall asleep. Not sure if thats necessary on a motorcycle, two wheels or three.

In the USA with hands off of the wheel my car will steer slightly to the right, and while in Ireland it will steer to the left side of the road. 

Since you don't list a location with your member name it would be hard to determine if this may be a factor.

You might try putting you phone and wallet in your right side pockets to balance thing out.

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