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cheap and simple rear hugger extension...

Guest lawrenceofsuburbia

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Guest lawrenceofsuburbia
I thought it would be useful to extend the stock rear hugger a little, without going to the expense of buying an after-market unit, pretty and useful as they are.
I cut a piece out of some scrap aluminium plate I had, shaped to follow the lines of the hugger itself; rolled the edges to stiffen it and also improve its appearance; gave it a cuppla coats of quick-drying paint; [em]et - violin![/em] The aluminium plate just happens to have an embossed surface, so that livens it up a bit too.
It extends about 4½” past the OE hugger and IMHO looks alright - better in the flesh than in the pix!
It will be interesting to see if it’s at all effective, though it won’t get much of a workout any time soon, as we are now entering our dry time of year, with little or no rain normally anticipated for several months.
Lawrence of Suburbia [em] (‘39 model)
2015 Matte Grey Tracer – now at 1647 km[/em]
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