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Power difference between A and Standard mode?

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I know B mode does lower the power output, but what about A vs Standard?
All I have read about is that it changes the throttle maps, I'm wondering if there's anything engine related that changes like timing or restrictions per gear or something like that?
It looks like we have a couple of people that have cracked the ECU so I'm guessing someone has seen the different modes and what they change specifically.
Thanks guys
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Per Cycle World's dyno test of the FZ-09:

The FZ-09 is equipped with Yamaha D-MODE (or “Drive Mode”), which offers a choice of three throttle-control maps labeled A, STD, and B. While the A and STD modes produce identical full-throttle power graphs, A offers sharper throttle response on the road in the low-to-midrange revs than STD. Toggling to B via the handlebar thumb button further softens throttle response and reduces top-end output to the tune of about 10 hp.
As I read it, A and STD have the same peak hp but STD has a little less midrange. B mode is suppressed throughout.
SOURCE: http://www.cycleworld.com/2013/10/04/2014-yamaha-fz-09-dyno-run/
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