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crg levers w/pics

Guest spunrdneck

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Guest spunrdneck
I installed the crg levers and I actually love them! they add a fine tune element of adjustment for me. the clutch does hit the switch box when pulled in all the way but, I found I really never do that as I use the shorty levers and leave my ring and little finger on the grip- so I pull in to touch my fingers and not actually all the way in- when I do it looks like it has caused a very light mark on the box but barely noticeable. the levers have a great feel and are really well made- they installed easy and fit perfectly.
front brake:DSCN0043.jpg
clutrch lever (ignore the bug, he's fine, just napping!):DSCN0044.jpg
pulled all the way in:DSCN0045.jpg
you can just barely see a mark 3/4 of the way down the bottom half of that lower section:DSCN0047.jpg
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