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  1. Bike looks great! Where is it 75°F? Jealous...
  2. I just put the Akra full on my 2019 GT. After 2 years and 12k miles went for the upgrade including reflash to match. First ride tmw, expected 70F in NJ! ‐------------------- Nov 8 update: I now have about 150 miles with the full Akra exhaust and new ECU tune after 12,000 miles w stock exhaust and flash. Bike is faster and bike sounds better. Not too loud. Wont cause the Euro weenies to change any laws. Do you need it? No. Does it bring the triple to the next level? Yes. Does it look and sound great? Yes.
  3. Any inline 4 engine is heavier, hotter and wider than the Tracer Triple. You'll have more smiles per mile and maybe $6k more in your pocket. Wise choice.
  4. Hey you sold your Tracer, you can only get incorrect answers from now on. 😄 I have them on mine, called "fork sliders" in US. Cheap insurance I think...
  5. I swapped out to aftermarket exhaust and have this OEM version sitting in garage. 12k miles. $50.00 Headers, cat, exhaust. Central NJ Zip 08690.
  6. Just did a couple of weekend trips through Poconos to Finger Lakes region of NY state. Colors were peak at elevation!
  7. You had the Eurooean blue one, correct? Remember some pics you posted. Best looking version IMO.
  8. Looks great, one last thought. To help user count clicks of adjustment, could you number the what 12 points, similar to clock? Just as an aid to visually measuring rotation. Thks, PS. Offer in different languages, incl Roman numerals, japanese,etc. Could go global! For proper Yamaha adjustment need the Japanese version. Charge a premium!
  9. Woohoo, dibs on partial royalties!! My lawyer's reviewing the contracts now. I get paid for the value of the added empty space, plus material cost! And I reduced its weight too. Ka-ching... $$$
  10. it's when using it that it could fall. Who would ride with it sitting on the fork?
  11. ok, 1 suggestion if possible to do: have some way to attach a keyfob/lanyard/"remove for flight" tag to it. Looking at picture of it sitting on top of fork it's just asking to fall into the netherworlds of fairing/frame/engine void. Unless you make another mold as tool to easily remove the fairings and sell that one separately! 😄
  12. I like it as something to carry for on-the-road adjustments. No sharp edges like a flathead screwdriver has. Could put in a jacket pocket. Good work!
  13. Be careful Kemosabe. Typically requires several years of stock setup before the beak is applied. Plus half the forum will whine. Just kidding, congrats. Sounds like a nice setup!
  14. My dealer did it too when purchased new in Sep 2018 as courtesy for battery tender connection.