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  1. The Graves sounds great! Is it full system?
  2. 60°Fs this weekend in the area. Get her out there!
  3. Hell i thought it was Bucks County Pennsylvania not too far from me. Had to google "15 plate" and now I dont think we're even on same side of Atlantic... 😄 Enjoy your ride!
  4. I got the Yamaha Comfort seat on my GT about a year ago and now have 8600 miles on the bike. I'm very pleased with it. Have no issues of discomfort. Very reasonable price too for a front and back set. I've never tried the "high end" options (ie expensive) so not comparing it to any of them. Best way to put it is that the seat will not limit the miles I can out on the bike. I'm 6'2 and 220lbs if that matters. It's got gel in it so in direct sun on HOT day best to put cloth over it when parked.
  5. The bike looks really good. And clean! Nice mods, like the lightbar and engine guard the best. Congrats on purchase.
  6. Dude, show a little effort. Go to ebay and search the text I gave you in the screenshot. Even gave you the part #. Not complicated.
  7. The front 2 attachment points are screws into bottom of headlight fairing. You should drill into that plastic to have the holes for screws to fit. There's nothing above the plastic so no risk of harming anything w medium amount of care. The back 2 attachment points are into the existing quick fastener locations.
  8. Plus I was always a Daffy Duck fan. Beak just looks better than no beak. Course it's really a duckbill.
  9. Just did this today. Paid $31 for the 2019-20 version. Me likey...
  10. I'm 6'2" and got the MRA Vario-touring screen from Twisted Throttle, the one w the flip visor. Have prob 6,000 miles w it. Its perfect for me. No burble, smooth air all the way.
  11. Did a weekend 600 mile trip from NJ to Bennington VT July 20/21 and traversed Mt Greylock, in western Mass, 25 miles south of Vermont border. Heatwave put temps at 104°F on ground/roadway but 84°F at altitude of 3,400 feet. Not big but largest mountain in Massachusetts. They have a "Eye of Sauron" Iooking tower at top, in tribute to WW1 dead, I think. For those in northeast a worthwhile trip. If not crowded, the roads up and down from summit are worth doing multiple times. The north road is the best of the 2 ways down. Some pics!
  12. Nice! I'm riding my GT w friend on ZX14 from central NJ to Bennington VT area this weekend, July 20/21. Will it be hot? Yes, upper 90s. But better than on my previous bike, a 14 R1 w undertail exhaust. I'd get 1st degree burns under hamstrings, even wearing vented pants above 90. Gotta love the triple.