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  1. I'm 6'2" and got the MRA Vario-touring screen from Twisted Throttle, the one w the flip visor. Have prob 6,000 miles w it. Its perfect for me. No burble, smooth air all the way.
  2. Did a weekend 600 mile trip from NJ to Bennington VT July 20/21 and traversed Mt Greylock, in western Mass, 25 miles south of Vermont border. Heatwave put temps at 104°F on ground/roadway but 84°F at altitude of 3,400 feet. Not big but largest mountain in Massachusetts. They have a "Eye of Sauron" Iooking tower at top, in tribute to WW1 dead, I think. For those in northeast a worthwhile trip. If not crowded, the roads up and down from summit are worth doing multiple times. The north road is the best of the 2 ways down. Some pics!
  3. Nice! I'm riding my GT w friend on ZX14 from central NJ to Bennington VT area this weekend, July 20/21. Will it be hot? Yes, upper 90s. But better than on my previous bike, a 14 R1 w undertail exhaust. I'd get 1st degree burns under hamstrings, even wearing vented pants above 90. Gotta love the triple.
  4. Back to original question, my rear paddock stand definitely lifts rear higher than the center stand. Had one from previous bikes. Gives you more room to work underneath if you need it. Easiest way is just put bike on center stand first then slip paddock stand on rear bobbins and lift.
  5. I have the Yammie comfort seat. Very happy w it. Can go as many miles as I want, no problem. I have no issue reported by others of slope causing slide into gastank. I'm 6'2" and weigh 225lbs so not a lightweight if that makes a difference.
  6. Just reporting in that I had a tremendous 8 day 2,100 mile trip on my Tracer GT from NJ across MD, VA, WV, southern Ohio along Ohio river, Kentucky and then back home. Daniel Boone state forest was beautiful as well as Monongahela and G. Washington state parks in VA. Unfortunately yellow Monarch butterflies were everywhere in Ohio/KY (musta been migrating) and I reduced the population by a few dozen cruising thru the area. Butterfly killer is how I'll be known. Bike was flawless. Love the triple. Anyway, a few pics:
  7. I got that but the Vario-touring one w the adjustable lip installed. Love it. Am 6'2" and get smooth air on helmet, no buffeting. Can ride all day at whatever speeds...
  8. Hi FJRP: I had my Tracer GT flashed by Vcyclenut in February. Live in NJ. Had it back within a week by USPS. I think it's much better than stock. I ride in A 90% of time. There's some on/off jerkiness in A from 3k-5k but otherwise perfect. STD mode is smooth too. I went w V based on price and his overall good reviews. Happy w it. Now have 5,500 miles on bike since purchased in Sept 2018. Good luck.
  9. I use it at most 50% of upshifts and find it's clunky between 1st and 2nd (no surprise passing thru Neutral) but otherwise good. I consider it a nice-to-have on this bike, versus the Cruise which i love, and after a lifetime of using the clutch don't give huge value to it. It's nice but I'm usually not racing my GT. IMO, it's fine as is.
  10. I posted this in message but should also update this thread. Now have 3,400 miles on bike: I went w vcyclenut in FLA for the flash. A-mode, which I prefer, is still a little jerky in 4k-6k range. Better than stock however. STD-mode is butter smooth. If I'm doing alot of mid-speed curves, I'll switch to STD. Else I keep it in A and enjoy the ride.
  11. I have the Yamaha Comfort seat on my GT. Got it soon after purchase of bike because I had good experience w Yammie comfort seat on my R1. Relatively inexpensive for front and rear too, think $350? Happy w it. Never had sore butt yet w it. Don't think its noticably higher than stock. This is profile view, fyi:
  12. This is on Ebay now. 46L.
  13. I think they used my GT purchases to fund their Sponsorship! Have bought from them in last 6 months: Denali Daytime running Lights MRA Vario-touring windscreen R&G Racing swingarm spools, handguard and front axle sliders, kickstand footpad. I'm sure there's other stuff but my mind protects me from adding up all the $$'s... Service and communication with them has been excellent whenever I ordered, FYI. Here's my DRL's in action, because everything is better w a pic.
  14. I use and am happy w a simple RAM U-bolt mount and short arm. Puts my Garmin Montana centered under dash visually. Plus the Montana mount holds an EZPass transponder. Always read at tolls.
  15. I too run a Givi 56L on my GT. Very happy w it.