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  1. Went to Washington Cycleworks in NJ to get sag set and suspension adjusted. Was too flat a profile before and now turns better and holds line after my service. Talked suspension upgrades too if I go that route... A great place to visit if you're in the Northeast. Washington Cycle Works 5 NJ-31, Washington, NJ 07882 https://maps.app.goo.gl/yc6DQxZUEUFWxKvr8
  2. my $.02: since it's a subjective measure, and no one can answer it to your satisfaction but you, you should find any of the bikes with Yamaha Triples and try one. If you're on a new bike (2019) and unhappy in less than a year not a good sign. The weight didn't increase on that bike after you got it. I put 46k miles on an FJR in the past. The triple is not as smooth as a inline 4 (go figure) but no problem for me. It's lighter, more narrow, and MUCH cooler than any 4 cylinder. YMMV.
  3. Did a 410 mile 1-day round trip that put me over the hump. Taken somewhere in Catskills NY.
  4. Sometimes the price of being seen is too high. This is one of those times...
  5. That's a nice looking bike Cruizin. Congrats and have fun!
  6. I hear you but total cost front and rear is more like $2000. I'm not gonna sink that into my bike at this time.
  7. With bags, that bike is what $10,000 more than the Tracer GT? It should be better for that money!
  8. 2019 Tracer GT w 8800 miles. Thinking of adding something nice because why the hell not, we're all going to die someday. Are people happy w the AKRO full exhaust: steel pipes, titanium exhaust w carbon end cap? If Yosh still offered the branded full system would prob get that for several hundred less but dont see it anymore. Reflash for full system is no charge for me... Thoughts?
  9. -07 FJR -08 R1 in track getup -14 R1 in tour mode Guess I'm a Yamaha guy..
  10. 2020 colors look great in your pics. Congrats on new ride!
  11. No advice to OP but if this is a poll I've had zero charging issues using the left side cigarette lighter port to charge my Garmin over 9,300 miles. I have a wire off the battery but use it for heated gear or a battery tender in colder months.
  12. Great info as benchmark, thanks
  13. The Graves sounds great! Is it full system?
  14. 60°Fs this weekend in the area. Get her out there!