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  1. ok, to put some (my) perspective on this to inform future buyers: i came from inline 4's, an 07 FJR w 46k miles and 2 R1's, an 08 and a 14, each over 10k miles. The triple will not overwhelm you when downsizing from 4 cylinders to 3. But like everything it's all a mater of tradeoffs. It was a rare occurrence when i could unwind my R1 in anything past 3rd gear. It was so fun at high RPM's but they just arent achievable on the street without serious risk of "performance award" citation. The FJR just cruised effortlessly down the highway at 80+ mph and could go all day at that pace and could easily "rev" it to over 120 with plenty to spare. But I now ride a Tracer 900 GT w maybe 13k miles And love it more because I use 90%+ of the rev range on a regular basis. I'm always in A mode unless tight twisties, then im in Std. The bike runs much cooler, the engine is much narrower than an inline 4. The overall bike is fast, effortless to ride, and fun in the twisties. My $.02.
  2. Here's an option. Looks good, sounds good. Very happy w it.
  3. Seems like you painted the bike to match your helmet. (Probably alot more people just get a new lid). Looks good!
  4. I had an FJR in the past and put a similar size dent in my header pipe from a speed bump. Absolutely no difference in performance. Yeah if you lived on the east coast i'd almost give you my OEM full exhaust. Just sitting in the garage...
  5. With the OEM exhaust on this as a hole out the bottom it'll be interesting to see if any aftermarket exhaust options will be available.
  6. Wait! one more vote for Urinal Cakes, although i see it as a blend of Yamaha Anniversary Yellow with Metallic Sheen. So in my head, I'm voting for YAYMS but i had to click the "UC" option in the vote.
  7. Looks good and sounds better.
  8. I liked them on my 2019 Tracer GT. Got about 7,200 miles from the set. Changed to Metzeler next which I dont like as much. Plus Dunlop has cool commercials for Motoamerica!
  9. Has anyone in USA received the recall notice? Google hasnt helped and it would be great to have it fixed during the slower winter months at dealer. Thks
  10. I ordered them from Twisted Throttle in Nov 2018 and part number is as follows. They fit my 2019 Tracer GT just fine. Shipped Items: Item Number Item Description Qty Shipped RG.FP0149.BK R&G Front Axle Sliders Fork Protectors for Yamaha FZ-09 '14-'17, MT-09 '18-'19, FJ-09 '15-'17, XSR900 '16-'19 & Tracer 900GT '19 if you put that Item# in the search box on Twisted Throttle - Home page you'll see pics...
  11. Not sure where you are in NY but Washington Cycleworks does suspension setups. Highly rated. Had all my bikes done there incl Tracer. Home | Washington Cycle Works ...
  12. You would give up automatically showing trailing cars that you're slowing down so that, what, you can use cruise control? which works just fine 98% of the time??? Really?
  13. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/d34b9a2a-195a-4400-aaa9-0cde89fd71fd#4lcLsuVzKf.copy
  14. Where do you live? In US there is no 2018 GT, first model is 2019, which went on sale maybe Aug 2018. Got mine in Sep. In Europe it was tagged as 2018 GT, I remember seeing first reviews around early May or so. Yes I was following this model waiting for it to come to US.