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  1. It can be welded back in, the problem there is access. I dare say you will get a much better result by pulling the motor out so it can be properly cleaned. Tig torches can be a bit fiddly to fit in certain spots otherwise. And make sure the welder takes his time so not to burn all the rubber seals that are hanging around in the area.
  2. It was a while ago but I think it was the xb9r. The first model. Don’t know how easy they are to get parts for though.
  3. The dash diagnostics is a less accurate way of testing. But if that is showing a issue I would be ordering a TPS. My throttle bodies needed a good clean at 40k. Made a big difference to the bike running too.
  4. One of the tests you can do with a multimeter is to go through the resistance range and make sure it gradually changes. There should be no dramatic steps and should be very linear. You should be able to pin point the dead spot easily.
  5. No mate that is not normal. Sounds like the TPS has a dead spot. I would be pulling the multi meter out to confirm. Plenty of videos showing how to test them.
  6. Buell footpegs used to be a good mod for the long legged people. They drop down around 10-15 mm which can make a difference.
  7. Then you need to have a set of discs on the wheels as well, or swap them over each time. Pads will take some time to wear in again to the different discs. They don’t all wear the same. It really isn’t that hard to change tyres at home. It is all technique. I do both ends under a couple of hours taking my time on a manual tyre stand.
  8. Best thing you can do with that hose is paint some nice bright alignment marks in paint pen on the air box, hose and cam cover. It’ll make it easy to line up correctly.
  9. It is out of spec, as a mechanic I would pull the cam and set it up correctly. Then not have to worry if you are going to burn expensive valves in the near future.
  10. Reasons not to... your tyre fitter may throw a tyre lever at you what that crap goes everywhere whilst he is trying to fix your tyre. It stops a proper internal plug from sealing. It rarely ever actually works. I have seen some of them do nasty things to rims and the paint on them. As you may have guessed I hate the stuff! 🤣 I would just carry a plug repair kit and get a proper internal plug fitted when you can.
  11. FWIW, the mechanical clutch switch on maguras one needs a layer or two of heat shrink on the micro switch arm to correct its operation.
  12. The clutch switch also plays some form of role in returning the fuel mapping to a base setting when idling. Mine wasn’t quite set up right and wasn’t engaging soon enough and was making the idle rough. Occasionally the motor would stall on fast decelerations. It was also stopping the silly eco light from coming on for some reason.
  13. I can only imagine the temptation of hanging around another group of traceristas as you so eloquently put it is too great a test. i also hope you hang around and fill us in on what we might look forward to if we survive on the bikes and the planet as long as you. All the best, Nate.
  14. The main fairing bracket that the headlight and everything bolts to. It hangs off the front of the frame.