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  1. You can get a speedo healer which will correct the issue. Some Suzuki ecus let you correct the difference but Yamaha doesn’t.
  2. I still run by that system as well, my old 660 tenere had the valves set by me when it had 1000k’s on it and never moved in the 100,000k’s I put on it. Such an awesome bike.
  3. Yeah I’ve had this a fair bit being stuck behind trucks on the freeway. A few things helped as in a better rear shock, with adjustment for more length. Fork upgrade, but the main thing that resolved it was pissing off the stock screen for a shorty. I’ve run this screen with both stock and aftermarket hand guards with no issue. But the bigger screens are nicer in the cold. So use a bit of throttle to get out of there!
  4. And get a new mechanic. They sound like a bunch of muppets.
  5. I have noticed a few Led taillights over the years do this. Unfortunately the cases are usually glued together and are a pain to get apart to repair the joint/led.
  6. The Yamaha xvs650 that had awful shaft drives that I was speaking about.
  7. They were new models when I was working in them, they still make them now in Oz.
  8. I’m offended you think I’d own one of them...! I was a mechanic. The amount of these we had through with buggered shaft drives were astonishing. Yamaha put absolutely bugger all grease in the splines from new too.
  9. It was a 650cc vtwin hardly rideable lookalike. Hideously heavy as well. Even learner approved here because of the terrible power to weight figures.
  10. When you have access to the Ecu you can make any mode the fastest. I kinda agree someone may have modified the wrong map.
  11. Disagree there. Yamaha’s Xvs650 is the worst driveshaft/diff in the world. Constant issues with howling stripped splines etc. Almost impossible to find a second hand shaft drive here.
  12. Just get it repaired, there are specialist wheel repairers who can re roll the rim straight. We have had it done hundreds of times over the years with no issues.
  13. You are forgetting about the nut holding the handlebars.
  14. I ordered a Chinese belly pan for mine on a impulse buy. Pretty sure I seen it here somewhere. Will post pics when it arrives post corona clean. 😂