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  1. Yep as 👆. It probably stems from the days of motors having those god awful champion spark plugs. What an absolute pile of crap they are. I reckon I’ve drilled out about 30 of those bastards. 🤬
  2. That master cylinder is now over 6-7 years old. Has it ever had replacement seals? They are a high wear item and are supposed to be replaced regularly. Some manufacturers call for every four years. What I have found with the radial master cylinders is that due to the larger pistons they can cock in the bore and wear faster than a conventional and will introduce air into the system. Early Gsxr radial master cylinders were notorious for this.
  3. They are the best hey! I finally updated my old se to the newer se2. The old one literally bent both ways without cracking and I straightened it back out. Keyboard/touch screen flaking out was the only reason for an upgrade!
  4. The orange part of the fuel line is an additional safety lock. There are a lot of manufacturers who use a similar line without the orange latch. I would double check the line to make sure there is no damage to the rest of the line. If not I’d have no qualms using it. Always use fingers to unlatch the lines. Much safer. If it really concerns you just hit up a bike wrecker, they’ll no doubt sell you a line for a lot less than a new one.
  5. I’ll vote no. I bought a Givi screen I think it was the 2122. No drastic change in noise/buffeting. I now only run it in the coldest months and instead run a cut down cheapy. Basically non existent. Much nicer on the highway and around town.
  6. Sounds like you should be the data gatherer/guinea pig! Let me know what you find before I cut mine up! 🤣
  7. I’ve seen them catch big nuggets of metal before they destroy other components. Definitely not unnecessary. The sump magnets always catch a nice amount of swarf and metal paste. I’d rather have it stuck there than potentially floating around in oil.
  8. Get rid of the exhaust. Plenty of other options that won’t burn the sun. Quiet or loud. Cats just run way too hot for motorcycles in my opinion.
  9. Yeah skipping valve checks is what has done it unfortunately. When exhaust valves burn from low clearance they look like someone has taken a bite out of them. They have an extremely exhausting job (see what I did there?!) if trying to dissipate very high temperatures. When there is little to no clearance the edges of the valves cop it the most and burn away. Looking at the parts fiches the critical engine components are identical. Covers etc are slightly different shapes etc. 100k miles is still quite good considering it is a high performance motor.
  10. There is actually a specified amount dependent on the chain manufacturer/size/type of chain. Failing finding that information don’t go so far as to crack the pin. If you do you will need to start over.
  11. Only problem with timeserts is they are quite thick. The wall thickness on cam caps is often not thick enough to install. But I agree they are much stronger when installed properly.
  12. I would be getting it built back up with weld by a competent welder. If it is done slowly the distortion will be minimal at most. Bolting it down to a good copper plate as a heat sink will help here. I have welded up cases in the past with good success. As a mechanic I absolutely detest the thought of bog and ‘metal putty’. The thought if that crap swimming around in the motor if it comes loose freaks me out! Helicoils on the rest should be a permanent repair. I reckon I’ve done thousands of them in my life unfortunately! 😀
  13. That’s not a good way to measure alignment. You can’t be sure those cast sections of the swing arm a machined equally. A better way is to measure from centre to centre of the swing arm pivot bolt and the axle.
  14. Haha an old mate’s brother did that whilst oiling his chain on the centre stand. He was scooping up engine oil with his hand and pouring it on the chain with the bike idling at 3000rpm in gear. Natural selection won that day.