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  1. That's amazing mileage out of a chain & Sprockets. What size motor? I typically go about 12,000 miles on a chain. That's on mostly Liter Bikes.I ride pretty hard. Don't like to push wear componets to the last bits. Sitting on the side of the road is not a good time!
  2. I have Pazzo's. I work at a motorcycle shop. I have seen catastrophic failure of crap(chinese) levers. I could only recommend Pazzo's or Evotech. DO you really want to save a few bucks and take a chance with a lever failing?
  3. I clean my chain with kerosene and a chain cleaning brush. If I'm putting on a new tire I'll soak it in a container while scrubbing it - Once or twice a season. I only use Maxima wax chain lube. I find it has the least fling. We have been doing this for years at the shop I work at.
  4. There may be a new tune available. That may be all the fix you need plus TB balance.
  5. I ordered Pazzo levers from a seller on ebay-podiumsuperbikeinc. He's an authorized dealer for Pazzo. I've ordered from him in the past with no problems. Do a search "Yamaha tracer Pazzo levers". Be careful buying bargain levers. They'll break at the worst instance.
  6. How does the tune affect gas mileage? My speedo is only of by 1 mph at 65. Most accurate of any bike I've owned.
  7. I'm busy tonight on the forum... Anyway, I replaced the power outlet with a dual USB plug. I had it laying around from another project. Got it on ebay. It needs to be grinded a bit to fit in the hole. It can be had with different backlight colors.
  8. I'm wary of mounting it up front only because of clearance issues with the front fender.
  9. It's not in the way of the horn.
  10. I installed the Twisted Throttle Denali Soundbomb on my Tracer this week. I used the split compressor and horn model. I initially wanted to put the horn inside the front tank cover to hide it away but it was too tight. It would fit but there was no way to mount it securely. I ended up putting it on the right passenger peg hanger. I mounted it with zip ties. There is sufficient clearance so it won't hit the swing arm. I mounted the compressor in the right side rear cowling. It will not fit under the seat due to clearance. It might fit under the tank though. I have mounted many of these on various brands of bikes and recommend buying the premade wiring harness. It makes the install much easier. The wiring was just the right lengths. You can connect directly to the battery or to a fuse block. It's damn loud!
  11. I installed a 3 post fused block from Eastern Beaver. Been using their products for years. Comes out of Japan.
  12. My indicators flash at the same rate. No problems there.
  13. http://shop.12oclocklabs.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=38&product_id=160 -2 Sets In the drop down-Order WR250X/R Front and Rear OEM connectors Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher Fixed Rate Turn Signal Flasher if you want it to flash at a normal speed. You can use the OEM flasher but it blinks pretty fast. They supplied me with the turn signal adapters but you should mention that in the notes when you order. They block off the large holes left by the old signals. Just don't over tighten. Use loctite. If your not sure just call them-nice people to deal with.
  14. One more thing-If you're considering a Tail Tidy you might as well do it while replacing the rear signals. Doh!