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Front and rear axles are different diameters, so...

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Today was the first time I used my Rabaconda street tire changer on the FJ09.  I had successfully used it on another bike. It had the allegedly old fashioned small-diameter axles, which required an accessory 15mm spindle to match.  I didn't even check to see the diameter of the FJ axles before starting the job, so I didn't know the rear was large and the front was small.  I imagine how livid I'd have been had I not already gotten that smaller 15mm spindle. 


PS, the Rabaconda is exactly the tool I needed.  Easy to use, stores on a shelf.  I don't need to do car or Goldwing tires, so it handles my jobs just fine.

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2015 FJ-09, 60k miles, Hord Power ECU, K-Tech suspension, MC Cruise

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