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New FJ-09

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  • 3 weeks later...
I test drove the FZ-09 a couple of days a go; fantastic engine and nice light package. Although I like the upgrades I see on the red FZ pictured, for me, the FZ ergos were insufferable. I felt forced forward by the hard, sloping seat and didn't like the Super-moto riding position which had me too much on top of the forks. Don't know; longer arms and torso might have solved that. I know the FZ is a popular bike with a lot of ppl so the issues I had are likely attributable to my own small frame. The FZ is a small light bike but not necessarily made for small light riders. I'm hoping the new FJ version will have the same amazing engine and lighter weight but with comfort and performance more like what I'm used to with my Triumph Tiger 1050. I'm looking forward to finding out.
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I hear the argument all the time. Here are my thoughts.
Shaft is great, no chain maintenance, no chain cleaning, no sprockets. But, it adds weight. And, I don't like weight. I want my bikes to be light an I do not mind cleaning an oiling my chains.
Also, on long distance bikes, I like to use a chain oiler. These mount in a way that allows oil to drop directly onto a chain, while you ride. Using oiler's, I have gotten 20,000 miles out of a chain an that is never cleaning the chain, just oiling.
For guys who don't like to work on their bikes at all, Shaft is the way to go. Belts are probably good too, but I have never owned a belt driven bike.
For the rest of us poor folks, Chains work just great.
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More than weight, I don't like high up weight and shaft drive is pretty low down. The tech of motorcycle shaft drive has improved quite a bit too in recent years so they/re less heavy/bulky -- Tiger 1200 Explorer is a good example. I converted my chain drive Tiger 1050 to belt (Quiet Power Drive http://quietpowerdrive.com/QPDhtm/FinalBeltDrives.htm ) and I love it -- no mess, no adjustments , low weight -- wouldn't take it on gravel roads though.
I'm one of those who dislikes chain; more specifically -- I dislike the messy fling that gets all over the rims etc. and don't like having to adjust.
I like doing maintenance -- but not while on a trip. I'd be happy as a pig in shit if the FJ-09 came with shaft -- but I know it won't.
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I see and appreciate your points, but I'm just so used to a chain.
Yamaha's theme for the FZ-07, FZ-09 an FJ-09 is affordable performance. Bang for the Buck. And, the FZ's are selling like hotcakes. I knew the FZ-09 had crappy suspension, generic brakes, no ABS, no traction control and an uncomfortabe seat. But, $8,100 OT for that triple engine got me to buy one.
If they get this bike out for $10,000 or less, this bike will be a huge success.
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