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Thinking about an FJ-09


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Hello All,
I've had all types of street bikes since the early 80's, mainly standards and larger sportbikes, with an occasional adventure bike thrown in.  My better half has an orange FZ-09 which she loves and which I've taken for a few rides, I definitely like the feel and sound of that triple. I'm here to do some reading on the FJ-09 as I'm considering buying one.  
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Hi Jim--and welcome!
So I'm very happy with my FJ-09.
Compared to the FZ-09, the FJ-09:
- is a bit heavier, but is still well-suited to city riding IMO
- has more upright seating in the front, with WAY more room to move around
- has WAY better seating accommodation in the back, with plenty of space
- is better suited to luggage of all types
- has lots of windscreen options
- has a better-sorted suspension, in most people's opinion--better control and more comfortable
- is easier to ride smoothly, due to smoother throttle map
- is easier to keep front wheel down, due to traction control and longer wheelbase (for me the wheelie control aspect of the traction control is totally key)
Other "adventure sport touring" bikes vaguely in the same category as the FJ are Multistrada, Versys 1000, Tiger, V-Strom 1000, *maybe* S1000XR. Most of these are better off-road than the FJ, so if that's an issue, the FJ may not be the best choice. (Maybe you know all this--and if so, sorry for being repetitive!)
Aside from off-road, in terms of value, fun, power, nimbleness, comfort, general utility as an almost-all-purpose bike, projected reliability, etc., the FJ is my pick. Multi is fantastic but expensive and the maintenance question marks are disheartening. S1000XR is presumably fantastic too, but expensive and high on vibration. Tiger is smooooth, lovely motor, but the Tiger feels slow and bulky. The V bikes have a bit of a different flavor from the FJ--the FJ is sportier.
Agreed about the triple. My previous bike was a Triumph Street Triple R 675. The motor is fantastic, but the bike started feeling too small and uncomfortable for me. If the Tiger were a bigger, sportier Street Triple, it would have appealed. If the Tiger Sport 1050 were available in the US, it might be interesting to me, although maybe not, since it might be bulky for the city riding I do.
Hope some of this helps and/or is interesting.
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Thank you for the comparison, I appreciate the post. I view the FJ09 as a modern day equivalent to the FJ1100 and FZ750: sporty bikes with half fairings and comfortable riding positions that could do everything including commuting, touring and some hooliganism.
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...do everything including commuting, touring and some hooliganism.
I hadn't even considered the FJ when I was looking for bikes last year, and the FZ was the front runner then... but I soon realised that although naked was cool and fun, it was time for something more versatile. I looked at the new Versys 650, but the motor was a tired old dog. The FJ quickly became my new #1...and I bought me a 2015. I could not be happier. Go get one!
The Versys 650 is a nice bike for commuting, fun to ride, and at a great price point. But it does lag in power excitement. The Versys 1000 is more of a touring bike, reliable, but for me, having demoed it, was boring. In my search for a new bike I kept coming back to the FJ09. Very pleased with my choice.
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