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  1. I'm nearby. PM me and let's say hi or have coffee!
  2. For pickup at my house in Oakland CA: - One set of original factory hand guards with all the bits (I think, but not guaranteed): FREE (would consider shipping for cost of shipping + $20) - One factory windscreen: FREE - One first-gen Madstad 24" with brackets, well-used but not abused (SRP: $259.95): $100 - One set (2pc) Shad SH36, "carbon" color, well-used but not abused (SRP: $524.99), including 2 keys and extra lock mechanism (for topcase), including fitted internal bags (SRP: ??), not including FJ-09–specific mountings: $262 - GIVI Monolock topcase 30 (?) ltr (ask me if you're interested and I'll figure out the specifics) -- I'm getting rid of the factory handguards and windscreen because I have replaced them. I'm getting rid of the Madstad because I found another one that works better for me. I'm getting rid of the Shad sidecases because I got some narrower Shad SH23s. If I were doing more long trips, I would definitely keep the SH36s. I'm getting rid of the GIVI because I sold the bike that it had been attached to. -- Please PM me if you are interested! Pickup is optimal--I'd rather not ship stuff if I can avoid it! Will post photos if there is demand. Alejandro
  3. Based on my limited travels in Mexico, I'd say that the FJ-09 etc. are not ideal for most of the roads I encountered-- The ideal bike would have better suspension, maybe more travel, definitely more compliance, and some kind of belly protection stock. Also, the FJ-09 is overpowered for everything except the toll freeways. In the US, the FJ manages to be an all-arounder. In Mexico, it seems like it would be an adequate but not ideal freeway-only tourer. Am I off-base in this assessment?
  4. Stopped working for me. Anyone know the right way for me to get it working again? Thanks!
  5. The Multistrada is hugely appealing...and then I think about the maintenance story, and that puts a damper on my lust.
  6. If you don't call it "a toolkit" but rather "a meager handful of complementary tools", you'll be a lot less disappointed.
  7. The issues with the 2015 IMO are: - Oil drain plug location. Have a look. No off-roading for you. Think twice before even hopping a curb! - Too much rear weight bias. This isn't a huge big deal; TCS regulates your wheelies! - Stock hand-guards are large and ineffective. Oh well. - Somewhat jerky fuel[l]ing All of these have been addressed by 2019. But none of them will prevent you from enjoying the FJ immensely, and laughing all the way to the bank on the great deal you'll get! Make sure they change the oil before you ride it. Maybe balance the tires too?
  8. No worries @bbb ! I think I just have to get them, and then return them if they don't work for me. Thanks again for looking into it...
  9. Can anyone here tell me if the sh23 will accommodate a 15" Macbook? Thank you!
  10. Holy carp! Glad you are on the road to recovery. Viva CP3! My knees are fully functional (knock on wood) and I still prefer the legroom of the FJ over anything hunchier.
  11. Ah, another Bay Area commuter! I see FJ-09s now and then, and I wonder if they belong to folks on this board... I removed the ginormous stock handguards, making lane-splitting easier. I'm still not as bold as the folks on narrow bikes. My regular commute is from Oakland to the Mission. I do it on the FJ once or twice a week, and take public transportation the rest of the time. It sounds like Yamaha was really paying attention. Everything except for the noisy windscreen. But I guess the speed limit in Japan is 60mph... I think electrics will be half the market within 15 years, and it'll go really fast after that, especially because cities are going to start limiting the number of IC vehicles allowed in city centers (that's already happening). Anyway, thanks for the info!
  12. I think they made a change like that mid-2016. Makes the bike slightly more legitimate from an “adventure” point of view, although still not a GS or even a Versys.
  13. Sounds nice. Hmm. I do love my 2015. That sounds like an improvement in many respects. Any ways in which you prefer 2015? The only other things that interest me are a hyper or a multi. Or maybe an r1200rt but so much of my riding is commuting and that seems like overkill. And I do t trust the euros. Oh, and an rc390. That would be in addition rather than as a replacement. And maybe an electric. But we should enjoy the gas vehicles while we can. They won’t be around forever.
  14. I think they made a change like that mid-2016.