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Been lurking for a while, got the bike now [UK]


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Been lurking for some time while umming and ahhing about pulling the trigger on a grey MT-09 Tracer. Picked one up a couple of weeks ago, then immediately went on holiday so I couldn't enjoy it.
So far I've added:
[ul type=disc][*]Givi engine bars[*]Givi rack and Kappa KGR46-GARDA top box[*]Enermax 350mm satin screen[*]Evotech spindle sliders [/ul]
The Givi stuff I took to a powder coaters and got them to add another (thick) layer on top. The standard Givi finish is crap. 
I've got the KTM hand guards as it's a bit wide for filtering, but I'm not sure if I'll fit them yet or not. 
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