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Hello from the North Bay


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Here is my story. Started on dirt bikes from years 9-15, then stopped after a crash and ruptured spleen. Years later I get my first street bike, a used 1986 Ninja 1000R. Rode it like a squid for two summers and sold it. More years pass, and I get a hankerin' fer another bike, so a new 2000 Buell S3 seemed to fit the bill (and it has). The S3 that has served me well for 15 yrs/50k smiles was needing more attention these days, so I added a fast red FJ to the stable in August, and have near 5k smiles on her so far. I love this bike! I really like this triple!
Mods so far are an EvoTech Performance rad guard, front Fenda Extenda, poor mans tail tidy, Grip Puppies, and a CalSci tinted shorty. Future mods (as $ permit) are likely to include 2WDW ECU flash, Higdonion cage/skid, OEM heated grips, Aux lights, mirror extenders, clear LED blinkers, RAM mount, 12V auxiliary socket, etc.
For me, a 5'10'' 180lb gray hair, the stock seat is fine. I've done a couple of 650+ mile/14 hr rides and it works for me. The windscreen I changed mainly for looks, but it did seem to clean up the air for me - hits me 'round the shoulders/neck (screen low/seat high). I flattened a few radiator fins within 300 miles, so rad guard was essential. After riding in moistness the other day, I decided to add a DIY mud guard to the rear - i'll post more in the proper section.
If you're bored, you can watch me enjoy my ride last week to Lake Berryessa in Napa County, CA.

Thanks to this site and all the members who's input here has greatly enhanced this FJ-09 owners experience so far and I'm sure will continue to do so! 
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