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Two Up Advice?

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Headed for the Big Bend next month with some out of state friends.  They will be flying in and we will trailer three bikes out.  They will be two up on the FJ (it's the only bike we have really suited for two up). Since the FJ is still new I haven't any time two up on it (my wife rides her own bike anyway so I'll probably never get much two up riding in on it).  Other than dialing in the suspension, any advice? I'll be putting the top trunk on it with the backrest pad.
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There's another thread on here somewhere offering advice - that was for 2 riders of more than ample proportions the massively exceeded the recommended carrying capacity. The enquirer was also rather sensitive to indecorous comments.
Without knowing the details of the riders in terms of dimensions, rider ability, pillion experience, daily distance etc, it is difficult to offer any advice, or as in the case of the last enquiry, amusing repartée
This signature is left blank as the poster writes enough pretentious bollocks as it is.
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