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Faster steering


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Maybe this doesn't deserve a whole thread, but I thought I'd throw it out there for community knowledge.
I think I'm in the minority, but I felt like our bike turns in a little slowly.  On my old sportbike I fixed this by running a slightly lower profile front tire and raising the forks.
For this bike, I raised the front forks 5 mm (very easy) and replaced the rear OE tire with a Dunlop Roadsmart (same tire but more rubber around the tread).  I also moved the handlebars forward 10 mm, but I could see how this could have either effect (speeding up or slowing down steering) depending on how much my body geometry changed.  My butt is still in about the same place on the seat, so I don't think the handlebar placement had much effect. 
Having ridden javashot's bike back to back with mine, I can say that this makes a noticeable difference in steering feel.  Javashot actually commented about it before I told him.
Bags on, I have no loss of stability that I can feel in corners at slightly extralegal speeds or in straights at superlegal speeds.
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