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New FJ Rider


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I purchased my FJ last month and have been lurking here for quite some time (I tend to do alot of homework before purchase). I was raised on the Oregon coast and now live in the Portland area. I went to college to be a auto mechanic and turned wrenches at a dealer for a few years. Now I am a heavy equipment mechanic that works mostly on lift trucks (forklifts for you layman out there). My previous motorcycle (and first motorcycle) was a 2009 Kawasaki KLR 650 that had some problems (Oil consumption, carb issues, etc.). I ride back and forth to work 25miles both ways and the KLR wasn't cutting it at all at freeway speeds. I am finding the fj to be an excellent machine and alot of the complaints just to be nitpicking. I find the brakes, suspension, seat, etc to be more than adequate and the vibes are not bad at all. Looking to do some more serious miles this summer with my large trip being the Horizons Unlimited meetup in Western Canada Link.
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Most complaints about bikes are based on previous bikes you have owned. The FJ-09 is a space shuttle compared to the '78 CB750K I had back in the '80s, but feels lacking in the engine and suspension department compared to the 2009 Triumph Speed Triple I stupidly sold back in 2012 when I thought I couldn't ride anymore due to vision issues.
That being said the FJ-09 is by far the best street bike I have owned (and there have been a lot). It is the most complete package, and it is the first bike I haven't thought about cheating on since I brought it home.
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Congratulations on your FJ-09 purchase.
Everyday's a good day when your able to ride
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