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My custom GPS mount

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Ok, my first post here or anywhere! (hope I do ok?)
I really wanted to mount my GPS on my new FJ 09 but as many here have stated, we didn't have too many options. Besides, I didn't want to look down, I like it right in-front of me. The problem is the lack of room between the windshield and instrument cluster and angle of the OEM windshield. But when I got my new windshield (National Cycle VStream sport/touring windshield) I finally had some options. My new windshield not only mounts further away from the cluster (with new mounting bracket) but it's also curved for a bit more room. So I did some measuring and headed to the hardware store to see what I could come up with. 
Here's my parts list:
2-6" straight support brackets (from hardware store)
1-1/4" 20 thread x 1" Allen head S.S. bolt w/S.S. washers and S.S. Nylock nut
Ram b 201ua[span]    [/span] short double socket
Ram b 252u [span]    Motorcycle base mount
Ram holder for my GPS
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I anxious to see what you come up with.  Pics would be great if possible.
I will be installing the same windscreen this weekend (if it is delivered as scheduled) and will be looking to replace the GPS I foolishly let go with my last bike.
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