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Shorty windscreen, Yoshi fender eliminator and impressions

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Hello. My name is Robert. I just picked up a 2015 FJ-09 in Las Vegas for $8200 out the door. Tax not included as I plated it in Utah. I rode it 400 miles home. The ride from Vegas through the canyons to St. George was great. 80 degree weather! St. George to Salt Lake City was nice as well. Passing from 75mph to triple digits at a flick of the wrist. Handling was good. Wind buffeting and the helmet roar was as described by others. Head shake and wobble was present when throttling hard past semi trucks but was not unexpected. Seat is hard and creates hot spots on long stretches but not unbearable. Since I've been home I've installed a Yoshimura fender eliminator and a Powerbronze shorty windscreen. I choose the shortest screen I could find as I experimented with all positions on the stock shield and then took the shield off all together. It is a much more pleasant ride with no shield at all for short commutes and speeds under 70mph. I'll have to see with the new shield. I tried the new shield tonight but did not run at speed for any extended period of time to give any review, other than it looks great! I came off a 2014 FZ-09. I had a Seat Concepts seat on it (not spectacular) and a flashed ECU. I put 1500 miles on it. A ton of those miles were on the back tire! The motor in these bikes is such a blast. The FJ-09 seems to have every bit as much power and has the same tendency to wheelie at will. Riding position is lots more comfortable and just feels more natural and confidence inspiring. First gear full throttle pulls the front wheel high, shift to second and pull on the bars at 50mph and wheelie to 80mph as the front end comes down and you hit third. I thought the FJ-09 would change the characteristics of my riding more. Not! I still get the same thing from my wife. "You aren't 25 any more!" I give her the same response as I did with the FZ-09. "I am 25 still, I'm just trapped in this 48 year old body!" I'm ready for a seat upgrade and an ECU flash. I might order a touring shield for a trip this summer. No disappointments with this machine. It is everything I expected and more. Did I mention that it is about the best looking, fastest, funnest to ride bike on the market!
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