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Has anyone modified their baffle/db-killer?


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I am rocking an Arrow Thunder exhaust with the baffle in. I would like a bit deeper sound, but with the baffle out it's too loud. 
Has anyone cut or drilled their baffle? 
Or with a larger pipe welded in:
Please share your experience :)
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just start by cutting a couple inches off then keep moving up as necessary. Or don't be a wuss and just leave the baffle out... :P
Some of us want to be able to hear when we're older :-p I wear earplugs and after a 5 mile ride with the db killer out inturned right around to reinstall it.
'15 FJ-09 with an aftermarket parts addiction
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I was going to suggest the same thing.
Your DB killer is all about sound, and flow control. You do create a restriction to flow with the DB insert, but you can increase flow out by adding holes not in the "Tube" part, but in the "Cap" that is held in place by the snap ring.
As suggested, look at how your DB insert is installed. Some have a locating bolt, some are snap rings. Choose a location that is on the lower part of the DB insert, so you don't see the hole easy.
Measure the gap between the insert flange, and the "pipe" and drill one hole in it about the size of the space between the pipe and the insert mount. Try it out, if not loud enough, drill another hole exactly opposite of the first one. (This will keep the holes looking nice and even.
You can go to two holes, 3 holes, 4 holes or whatever amount of holes you want, and it will improve flow out of the muffler, while "adding" noise levels that get past the DB insert.
If you don't like the hole, just put a simple bolt/nut into it? But one hole is not going to suddenly make the DB insert totally too loud.
Another option is to measure your insert diameter, and ask your local parts store, if they have any freeze plugs that size? You can then drill holes into the freeze plug, slap that into the hole, put your snap ring in to retain it, and see what works best sound wise. Various sized holes in the freeze plug will give you whatever flow v/s sound limit you want.
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