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Old Guy in Mississauga


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After finding my 2006 MT-01 was getting a bit cumbersome for a 70 yr. old to move around the garage, I updated to a 2016 FJ-09 that had been too heavy for the young lady who bought it new, but only put 4900 KM on it.  I removed the windscreen, as I am used to naked bikes,  and got rid of the buffeting.  By cutting over 5 inches from top I am now more satisfied.  Also removed grab handles.  FJ is a bit taller than MT and I was getting a foot caught on occasion.  Also got rid of the silly hand protectors and moved all controls in about 3/4 inches.  Will likely need to get bars with more pull-back.  Still cannot get used to using twice the revs compared to MT and hearing that deep v-twin rumble, but CP3 is a very nice engine that I am sure will grow on me.
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Welcome aboard, glad to have you join us. Lots of good information about the bike, just poke around and see what others have done to theirs......
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