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Coolant level


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Just wondering what the general consensus is regarding coolant level in the expansion bottle?  
I notice mine is hovering just above the low mark, perhaps 0.5 cm.  I'm not concerned as yet.  On previous bikes I've had, notably a couple of Triumph Sprints, they flatly refused to accept more coolant than the low mark on the expansion bottle, spitting out anything above that.  They never dropped below the low mark either.
Engine temps seem to be fine moving between 70 to 80 celsius depending on riding conditions.
Stickler for detail as I am I couldn't resist topping up the coolant reservoir.  It took exactly 1 dl (a tiny amount in other words) to raise the level to full.  That's from just above the low mark.
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Guys, Quick question - what coolant are you using to "top up" the level... My bike now is a year old and has about 5500 miles. The coolant level in the reservoir is exactly at the LOW mark and I'm nervous about it. I read that simply adding any coolant will "gunk up" the system, so looking for advice. Did you go with the OEM coolant from the dealership? Thanks!
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I just changed out my coolant with a jug of BMW branded stuff I had on the shelf.  You can use any good brand made for aluminum systems.  My level was always at the low end of the gauge on the overflow tank.  If you fill it more, it might well just burb it out next time the engine gets hot.  as long as it holds steady I wouldn't worry about it.
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I just "topped up" mine to inbetween High and Low mark yesterday... wasn't very difficult job to do.
I didn't know enough, so removed the side panel, opened the radiator cap etc,. but that's not the way to top up the reservoir! I realized at that stage that I just needed to loosen the 2 bolts near the reservoir and just fill it in from there by removing the cap.
Lesson learnt! :-)
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