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The Genesis of My FJ-09 Experience


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Greetings from Florida,
Well, I have been seriously ogling the FJ over the internet for about six months. I've owned a Triumph, and three Harleys. I do not know why, but as I searched far and wide for the next bike I always seemed to be drawn back to the FJ. There are many bikes that exceed the FJ in a particular characteristic, but the FJ covers all the bases for me, and my riding style. However, all this being the case, I went to a dealer yesterday to trade the Harley for a Honda F6B, but just like my internet searches, as I was talking to the rep. What do I see across the lot? A 2015 FJ, decked out with every mod I had considered, taller windshield, engine guards, oversized hand guards, LED turn signals, larger mirrors, chain guard, headlight guards, and other little fun stuff. I immediately said, strike everything we have been talking about and do the numbers on the FJ. I am ecstatic that I drove that machine off the lot. Obviously, it was meant to be.
So, it is my plan to be someone who can eventually speak to the long term performance of the FJ. I ride almost 75 miles round trip, at least six days a week. That being said, can someone fill me in on what some of the highest mile numbers are on some of the members' FJ's?
Looking forward to learning from, and sharing with you folks.
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