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Ride to Pineola North Carolina 1/18


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My Wife & I took the FJ for a mountain ride today. We have had the FJ less than a week and really like this bike!!!!!  In the lower elevations it was 69F and 55F in the higher elevations today, with plenty of blue sky on hand. Had lunch at Pineola NC. Got plenty of twisty riding in :) , too! About 20 miles from home when heading to the mountains, another FJ09 rider pulled up behind us at a stop light. We ended up riding together to the top of the mountain and had lunch.  He is a great rider and nice Guy, too!
Pineola NC:
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Bill how were the roads up on the mountain today?
No issues on Rt. 181 and Old 18. A little RH turn gravel where it seems to be year around.  A few tree branches probably from high wind today, and no sand to speak of. When I took the photo under the bridge, a ranger with radar stopped someone in a car on the BRP.
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