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Locating existing factory 12 volt swittched leads?????


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I want to add 10 watt auxiliary lights.  I would like to wire hot to a switched 2 amp fuse, and not to headlights.  Apparently, there are four unused 2 amp fuses in the 2 fuse blocks located behind the throttle side turn signal cover.  On the schematic, 2 amp fuse numbers are 10, 14, and 96, 97 and go to what appear to be unused connectors 99, 100, 101, 102.  Where are those connectors physically located on the bike?
Another thread said there a 2 gray connectors under the windshield, and I also found some unused connectors  in the same area of the 2 fuse blocks.
Anyone know the part number of the stock connectors so I can order one for direct plug in.
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Many thanks, I did not guess the correct words to search.
it took me a while to find the thread as well as I put that bloody hyphen in the original post
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