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Tour of Honor 2017: A Ride to Remember


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Recently I discovered a very cool event called tour of honor. All the details can be found at this website.
In summary: Each year 7 or 8 veteran or memorial sites throughout each state or "region" are selected. In total there are over 500 differing sites each year. Between April 1 and October 31 you visit as many of these sites as you can. Visit any 7 and you are considered a "finisher". Many will choose to visit many more. Last year the winner visited well over 250 sites. There are other challenges as well including Iron Butt Rides and trophies for being the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person to visit all the sites in a given state/region.
Cost to register is $100. $20 goes directly to veterans charity of your choice. You also get a shirt, rally towel, awards, etc.
I registered as soon as I found out about it. My wife decided she wanted to participate as well a few days later. She is currently the only one registered on an FJ-09. My rally flag should be here tomorrow and Audrey's should be here sometime next week. Anyone think they can get to more sites than we can?
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Sites were released April 1, and I was able to hit the first series of stops on my way home from KC yesterday.
First up, 9/11 memorial in Overland Park, KS
2017 KS#3
I am a KC native, and I never knew this was here. It was really cool to see so close to home.
You enter the monument by walking over a piece of granite flooring from the WTC.
The center piece of the memorial is this 14 ft tall, 2.5 ton piece of scrap from ground zero:
They've got these cool information plaques about each of the 4 hijacked flights:
United Flight 93:
AA Flight 77:
United Flight 175:
AA Flight 11:
Someone had left this hanging from the piece of scrap metal:
History of the Memorial:
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Second memorial stop was Memorials to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in St. Joseph, MO
3 men, who I assume had ties to St. Joseph, MO and were KIA during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.
It just so happened that there was a miniature statue of liberty across the street from this memorial. Extra points for the statue of Liberty hunt!
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