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Two Up with Panniers and Top Box

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I am considering buying SHAD P3 system with SH36 panniers and the SH39 top box.  The Yamaha store recommends that only the top box or panniers should be used at any one time.  Yet I see many on here with all on for touring.  Do most people tour with all three boxes and a pillion rider at the same time or is that too much for the bike to handle?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and experiences.
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I haven't ridden with a passenger with all three boxes on, but many on here do. The trick is to put the heavier items in the side panniers to keep the weight low, and light stuff in the top box.
I rode last weekend with fully laden SH36 panniers and you can notice the difference, but you will be able to adapt your riding style and braking distances easily.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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I'm 235lb
Mrs 158lb
393lb. 4lb short of the load limit and that's without our riding gear. So we're overloaded from the get go and I need to be able to carry shit in my panniers and maybe a top box. I won't get a top box right away, I'll see how she goes with both of us and the panniers loaded up once I've got my k-tech razor shock and andreani cartridges. If I can get away with just the panniers we'll just have to be limited on how far we can go and we'll have to pack extremely light if we plan to camp.
Probably bought the wrong bike for two up touring being that we're a bit chubby, but I didn't even consider that it would be a problem at the time. I've considered changing from the fj09, but I'd have to go a heavier tourer and it wouldn't make sense given most of my riding is still one up, two up or one up + touring stuff.
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