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My latest mods

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Sure nothing here hasn't been done a ga-zillion times. However, here are a few items I've added since buying my FJ:
1) Corbin seat. - imo a good upgrade. Much more comfortable than stock. Will be doing a week long ride in May so will get the chance to REALLY test it.
2) Added the 30mm riser extensions my SW-Motech. Appears to have improved the "reach" somewhat. I still almost feel as though the bars need a slightly less pull back or bend. Wrists feel slightly awkward.
3) Replaced the stock windscreen with the Parabellum. Also bought the small screen for the extra $49. Haven't tried it out yet. Think I like the screen in the middle position best. Still get some wind noise. On those cool mornings after install it almost seems like the screen directs more air on to my arms.
4) added 2" mirror extenders- good improvement! Can see behind me now w/o having to move my arms out of the way!
5) installed the Twisted Throttle skid plate (one for the XSR900)...just to be safe.
6) OEM heated grips. Like the convenience of control through the bike's panel. Easy to install.
Just a few things that I felt would make the bike a it more enjoyable.
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@wvvstar also some links would be good too... in case someone wants to take a look at the products.

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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