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Fj in Bay Area?

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Hey all- new here.
I've been looking at the Fj09/fz09, fz07, NC700x, and SV650 as my first "real" bike after doing almost 6k miles on a Kymco 300i maxi scooter.
I called a lot of dealers in the SF Bay Area, and only 2 have FJs. They say that the bikes are not popular here, compared to the FZ platform. Why do you think that is? Also, any advice on bike choice would be welcome.
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Not popular? There were three FJs at Alice's this past weekend (including mine), which was more than any other single model at that time. Not exactly a representative sample size, and dealership sales are probably heavily weighted towards FZ-07 and 09s, which I do see much more often.
As far as comparing the models listed, FZ-07 and SV650 are going to be lighter and easier to handle, with plenty of power no matter the situation. I would recommend either of these as a first "real" bike over the FZ-09, which is more of a second "real" bike after getting used to speed etc. FJ and NC700 both have better luggage options and make better commuter/touring bikes, with the FJ crushing the NC in terms of speed, power, character, and every other trait except MPG (the NC does have a neat helmet sized trunk where the gas tank should be). Depending on your use case, any of these would be great.
I also bought mine off c-list after checking daily for a month or so. Found in Sacramento (Roseville) and rode back to the bay after purchase. Make sure you're checking the Sac and LA c-lists if SF isn't giving you any luck. Happy hunting!
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Thanks! Any others you would recommend for a second bike? Looking for one that would be comfortable for my wife to ride on pillion with luggage on back/side. Helps my argument that I need something new if she is comfortable:)
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Sure!  Let's clarify what we're talking about here though:
First bike:  Starter bike, typically smaller, 250cc or so
Second bike:  First "real" bike, mid-sized engine, heavier but not huge
Third bike: Second "real" bike, full power, full size, lots of variability depending on application
Personally, I'm a big advocate of the European tiered licensing system, and don't think 3 months on a Rebel will teach you enough to jump to a CBR1000.  That's why I bucketed the first-second-third bikes the way I did.
Coming from a scooter, you would be well served to ride a mid-sized bike for a while to get used to the weight, the power, shifting, etc.  As such, I can't in good conscience recommend the FJ-09 (or FZ-09) right now.  It might work for you or for others as a second ride, I just personally cannot recommend it - too fast, too tall, too heavy.  This subject has been beaten to death in the myriad "can I just use B mode and have this as my first bike?" threads so we'll ignore it here.
On to the bikes!  For a second bike with luggage options and two-up ability, here's a few options:
Kawasaki Versys 650 - Closer to the bike you describe, as its more practical than above options and better for two up.  Could get an older one to save $$ then upgrade bikes later, or a newer one that has better features and will keep you satisfied for longer (and would be comfier for your better half).  Pros: great all around bike, rides two up, more luggage options and better for longer rides than a naked bike.  Cons: fugly, undersized for extended two-up riding
Honda NC700X - Already discussed.  Great bike, fits what you're describing, not surprised it's already on your radar. Pros: low price, lots of storage, super practical, power enough for two up without being so fast you'll get into trouble.  Cons: boring, lack of character, epitome of function over form
BMW F800 - there are many variations of the BMW 800s so I'll ignore a specific model and let Google be your guide.  Typically considered underpowered for an 800, there's still plenty juice to get you up to speed two-up.  Pros: Super nice and chock full of features(its a BMW after all), lots of electronic gizmos and luggage options, adventure or sport styles.  Cons: High entry and maintenance cost is the biggest.
SV650/FZ-07/599 aka CB600F/Ninja 650 - If you're willing to sacrifice touring ability, the naked 600 bracket is chock full of great bikes. Comfortable, yet will feel very fast compared to your scooter, will have power for two-up riding but not comfort for all day rides or multi-day trips. Aftermarket top cases and soft saddle bags are your only options for luggage, which isn't really a problem. Cost of entry is much lower if you get a used one. Could get a used SV650 (probably most common) for $3-5K, ride it for a few thousand miles, then sell it and get the third bike of your dreams (FJ-09 FTW!).
In hindsight, a lot of the pros and cons can be swapped around, as these bikes have a lot in common with each other.  I think the Versys is your best bet as an all-arounder until you learn what you really want in a bike.  If you already know you're doing a lot of long two-up rides and $$ is less of an issue, then I'd say spring for the Beemer!
This got a lot longer than I intended.  Clearly a slow day at work!
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+1 for recommending the Kawasaki Versys 650 as a good intermediate step.
It was my choice after a long layoff of bike ownership and was the perfect re-entry vehicle. Light and flickable to handle, enough power to have fun but not get in too much trouble, versatility to try different riding styles (on/off-road, 1-up/2-up, etc) and see what appeals. Super easy to get parts and equipment to kit it out the way you want. Also a good test vehicle for whether you enjoy the upright ergonomics of the FJ - they have pretty similar riding position.
I probably could have been relatively happy sticking with the Versys but wanted a touch more power for longer-range touring.
Got back what I paid for it when passing it on to its next happy owner.
Good luck finding your next dance partner.
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I owned a Versys 650 for a while. It was a good bike just kinda boring. It was actually my 3rd bike. My 2nd bike was a 2008 FZ6 (not the FZ6R). I loved that bike. If you can find one of those, I liked it much more than the Versys. Both are good reliable light weight bikes.
The FJ could be someones 2nd bike.. just be warned the acceleration is addicting.

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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