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Driving my Fj - 09 first impressions , after 4 years of 660

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Hi, this is an update from my original post, back in May 13th. Now, June 17th. The ride has now been in a small town, and on the road (secondary and high way).
Impressions so far, are:
. Power is superb; having had a 660 mono before for 4 years, the experience of a triple 847 is another world. This toy gives you the power you demand, and  much more. Before this, I tested a BMW 800; no comparison at all ... FJ-09 just flies ! 
. On road driving experience, high ways, is perfect... I just love the way this machine delivers power... The new driving sensation , its just very welcome. No comparison with Tenere.
. Never had before ABS, I have heard a couple of anecdotes that m yes, they save lives... so, welcome. 
. Handling in city is good, maybe not great. Hands bar are kind of wide for a city bike. In the city/town I drive in B mode, and good enough. No need of a very reactive motor at A or STD mode in the city.  
. Suspension is indeed hard compared with tenere xt660z. On gravel or not very good roads, its bumpy... In this regard, I miss very much the Tenere suspension, veeery comfortable and soft. I'd need to read the fixed post on suspension in this forum, to see what can be done (I'm 1,91 mts tall, 120 Kgms)
. I have to admit that Tenere has a better seat posture; its a taller bike, and for tall guys like me that is good. And the seat itself, is better in the Tenere… for longer trips.
. Motor sound with stock pipe, is just exquisite. 
. This is my third bike since 2012. The previous 2 were mono cylindric so, 3 cylinders are much softer than the vibration of one. 
. I don't like the gas gauge. The first half of thank bar should be more segmented in the display. 
. After driving a tenere for 4 years, the FJ09 feels like a sporty, powerful, stylish compact car .... The tenere would be a good looking big, tall and heavy jeep
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