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Hello from Santanu


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Hi Everyone,
  I just registered to this forum although I have checked out several posts here in the past. I switched from a '03 Honda ST1300 to the '15 FJ-09 in red outfit. I owned 3.5 ST1300 (the last one used to be mine 3 years ago - complicated love story!) and it was not easy to say the final good bye. The dead weight of the ST was the final drive for me to let it go.
  I bought the '15 FJ-09 with <500 miles about a month ago and added hard oem panniers, generic top box, 2nd 12v outlet, mirror extenders, and a few DIY decals. I have ordered the Yamaha LED flashers from Europe as well as the knuckle guard LED lights from S. Korea.
  While I am suffering from withdrawal syndromes related with the ST1300, I am getting to like the FJ more with a few exceptions. The rather short list includes the small windshield-related poor wind protection, little handlebar vibration at speeds >75mph, etc. I am installing a Vista cruise (had one on the ST) with some small modifications. What I really like about the FJ-09 are it's light weight, straight-up seating, crisp handling, sharp/edgy design, low-end torque, and great fit & finish.
  I really appreciate all the wonderful and informative pieces of advice, chats, and just pure knowledge on this forum since it actually helped me decide on this particular model. I look forward to keeping the bike for awhile and enjoy.
  Best wishes to everyone.
  Santanu (Fresno, CA - VERY HOT NOW!!!)
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