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K-Tech Razor - R


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Remote Preload is planned for the future (supposedly). If you get the weight off the rear the collars move a lot easier than they do otherwise. But that's the case for any shock. Having just done this yesterday, on the FZ09 at least I recommend taking the right passenger peg off. I'll also be emailing the factory to re-think their preload rings a 3rd time. That picture is actually out of date - the FZ/FJ/XSR builds now use a single lower collar but it's a split one so you have to first use a 3mm hex to loosen the pinch bolt before attemping to turn the ring.
One final point, that remote compression adjuster has only 12 clicks (fully closed to 12 clicks out) of effective range vs the ~30 it appear to have. I have the dyno chart to prove it. But lest you think I'm dumping on K-Tech I'm not. This is a common malady across the major brands.
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The HPA (hydraulic preload) is typically a $200-250 option. The Ohlins 335 has a sister model that comes with it. The 535 has one, of course. Any of the Nitron's can have them too - just specify at time of purchase. I don't know if any of the Penske's have it yet. JRI is looking at an HPA in the "near future". Wilbers and Hyperpro have it as an option but it really is required.
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