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Biding my time to purchase an FJ-09. Wife told me that I cannot buy a new ride until I sell the ones I have now. 2011 Versys sold and working on selling my 2009 Buell Ulysses. Really like my Buell but had enough of replacing bits and pieces that have fallen off or broken because of the vibration (made more aggravating by the fact that it is getting harder to buy parts).
Local dealer has a 2015 FJ-09 for about $9K CAN, going to go and take a demo for a spin. Any feedback on what to expect in comparison to my Buell?
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Three years ago I bought a 2013 Versys 1000 and sold my 2008 Buell Ulysses shortly after. I missed the Uly so much I bought another one last year, a 2009 model. Now I've sold the Versys and bought an FJ-09. But I am keeping the Ulysses this time!
You wouldn't get much for your Ulysses anyway (At least in the UK, a Uly fetches less than half of what any other Buell does).
Both bikes are very playful in character. The FJ has a fantastic engine compared to the Ulysses with it's limited rev range.
The Buell has very good suspension if you set it up according to the manual. The FJ is pretty bad in comparison even after setting it up.
And I absolutely love the Buell's seat. The Yamaha seat is average at best and I can't slide back far enough to be really comfortable.
The FJ is a great bike, more modern, and it doesn't vibrate itself to bits. But keep the Ulysses if you can afford it!
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