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Colour code bronze (Engine case / wheels matt grey)

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I have a MT07 / FZ07 and I need the colour code of the bronze engine case. In my yamaha is the same colour than FJ09. 
I saw that de FJ09 2015 matt grey, the wheels are bronze. I think it's the same colour of engine.
Searching in spare parts catalogue of FJ09, I hace found "MDYNM2" (Mat Dark yellowish Gray Met. 2) but comparing in Colorrite, this colour is dark gray.
The dealer doesn't give me the colour....
Could you help me?
Thanks in advance!
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I don't know the code, but am pretty sure the darker cases are called "Black Pearl".  
VHT SP405 is a good match.
Also this site has a make/model lookup with a different product: http://www.colorrite.com/wizardresults.cfm
I don't know the bronze.
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