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  1. Hi guys. Gee, haven't touched my mod for a while. I have changed screens a couple of times. Currently have a cut down stock screen and a beak, which I think helps with the buffeting. My only gripe now is head shake when accelerating over 140kph, for example when overtaking. Here's an old post about the bicycle clips. https://www.tracer900.net/topic/3440-windshield-flutter/?do=findComment&comment=39553
  2. I bought one - it came from the Baltic states, and is fibreglass rather than plastic. After a few coats of paint and re-drilling a hole or two it's on. If it cracks or breaks it's going in the bin. One side effect: it seems to have smoothed the frontal airflow a little. Before you put yours on try and guage this to see if there's any difference, it may just be my perception.
  3. Hi Wordsmith ! It seems to me that the whole motorcycle industry here is struggling. One local dealer just had a "dealer cost +$100" sale in an attempt to move stock, not just on the Tracer, but on any bike. Market saturation ? My 2016 with cruise control etc, etc is just about a GT...
  4. Install it yourself. It was easy, following the comprehensive instructions, and it took a lot of time. Quite happy with mine, if it was in the Tenere switch, I may forget to use it !
  5. Here's the Ogio, branded Dainese. note it has an expansion zip too. It has straps which I've looped under the rear seat to a carabiner, so the seat can come off with the bag attached, or the bag comes off via the plastic buckles. Each side pocket will hold a plastic water bottle.
  6. 70 litres - I was referring to bag in the OP, sorry I was not clear.
  7. 70 litres ? Huge. The Ogio Duffle Stealth / Dainese D-Tail is not big enough to carry all your gear but fits almost perfectly: https://www.webbikeworld.com/ogio-tail-bag-review/ https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-d-tail-motorcycle-tail-bag [video src=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9cAUQzpGVc]
  8. (Manufactured Year) is used over here in 2nd hand listings to denote the actual year - eg my 2016 model is MY15.
  9. Sad to hear that Lawrence, but good on you for making the right decision before it's too late. Hope to see you around sometime. If you're up this way give us a call. It makes me anxious to get some more tours in before I too reach that point, at which time (assuming that dementia hasn't affected my rationality) I hope to have a similar level of fortitude to that which you have demonstrated. I'll be taking the new dementia blood test when it's available (~5 years) and setting an end date if the test is positive.
  10. Looks interesting. Even my favorite youtube lock guy, , could not bump it. Last trip I took a cover and 2 disc locks, a really good one and a cheap motion activated one with an ear splitting siren. Using both I was able to sleep soundly in dodgy motels.
  11. 3.30am here on Tuesday morning Jan 2nd. Just ventured outside in 31deg C temp (= 88deg F) and like stepping into a sauna! hey Wordsmith, 100km north of you the pool water was 31C last night -just right for lounging with a drink after a long hot couple of days. Happy New Year !
  12. I cut mine with one of those vibrating tools and a semi circular serrated blade. It took a while, but was perfect for the job. Otherwise it was either going to be a hacksaw (too slow and too hard to keep straight) or circular saw with large toothed blade (too fast, chance of screen breakage). Marked the line using a curve from another screen. Finished it off with a bastard file and sandpaper, then painted the rear black. My main aim was to get rid of the horns which I reckon produce vortices and turbulence.
  13. Here's a few, sorry, no closeups. The screen is on the Givi mount, not the standard mount.
  14. Facebook group - 277 members https://www.facebook.com/groups/244679952586464/ or this one: 6,300 members https://www.facebook.com/groups/MT09TracerOwners/