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  1. Yamaha Working On Another Leaning Trike - Adventure Rider Well, apparently Yamaha isn't done with leaning trikes and has...
  2. Kinda looks that way. I have a pair of Daytona “sneaker boots” which are protective riding gear but look like tennies at a glance.
  3. Let’s soften the challenge a bit. Photo of your bike with any unaltered sign or marker of any kind with: the word tracer included or the letters f and j next to each other, no spaces or punctuation between, can be imbedded within a longer word or string of characters or just the numbers 09 (“9” not acceptable)
  4. I purchased new and wore it for the 2018 & 2019 summer seasons. Not worn during other months of the year. Good condition, has never been in a crash or slide, no flaws that I see. Includes stock shoulder and elbow armor along with CE level 2 back armor. Elbows and shoulders are not left/right side specific, the writing is mine. Photos show everything that is included. $200 shipped.
  5. The next challenge is a photo of your bike with an official, unaltered street sign or sign indicating a location (for example highway exit sign) that includes the word tracer. Happy hunting!
  6. The BMW demo roadshow was in my area yesterday. I chose the R1250RT. 30 minute ride with opportunity to stretch its legs just a bit. Nice bike but I was expecting a more refined experience. There were vibrations, and power delivery was not exactly instant. Weight was down low and it felt more flickable than it looks. The fleet all had NJ plates. Could life on the road be effecting the bikes?
  7. I used Goo Gone with a 10 minute setting period. All of the adhesive was removed, the bits of backing from old tank grip that remained rubbed off easily.
  8. Thanks @betoney. As far as I can tell it’s adhesive not the finish peeling off, but I will pay close attention.
  9. I’m enjoying seeing the photos and reading about the personal connections to the bikes, keep them coming!
  10. @jdavis I have those crash bars installed and can confirm they do the job, at least at low speed. Skills practice drop in parking lot.