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    Business trip on the FJ

    Carry the Aerostich suit inside the work area with https://www.aerostich.com/adjustable-carry-strap.html and save bike storage space. How professional do your work shoes need to look? You might find a gym shoe that can do double duty
  2. rustyshackles

    New member from DFW

    Hello Joe from Coppell
  3. This is an outstanding modular helmet, superior to my previous flip front Schuberth in every way.
  4. rustyshackles

    Rukka Outlast fleece jacket

    Size small, good condition. Nice for use as a liner and destination jacket. Outlast is the space age temperature regulating material that absorbs and releases heat. $50 shipped within continental U. S. 10% of selling price will be donated to forum admin.
  5. Keep the bike in sound operating condition. This is obvious but a commute like yours may expose maintenance issues. Doing the pre-ride stuff that we usually neglect like inspecting controls and checking tire pressure could prevent an unpleasant situation like being late or worse. In my experience optimizing your post-arrival routine is worth the effort. Scope out the parking area and find a safe space if you can. It might not be a lined parking spot. I have the luxury of an underground garage and park in a space with wide support columns at three corners. No one can get a car close enough to touch it. Is the area secure? Can you lock the bike? A robust chain will go a long way toward deterring the opportunistic thief, and you might be able to store it at work to avoid transport on the bike. What about a cover? It offers protection from the elements and is the first line of defense against casual theft. How will you store your gear at work? I hang my jacket on a wide, sturdy hanger behind my office door. For the helmet and gloves I purchased http://www.aerostich.com/aerostich-wall-mount-helmet-holder.html. It may seem like a frivolous expense but it keeps my lid up and out of the way. It’s worth at least a few cents per day to me, and thinking about it this way, eventually it pays for itself. In your case with around about $300/month savings you’ve got some money to spend on niceties. I like seeing the helmet during the day - it’s a reminder that I get to ride home. You will be getting to know new co-workers, and people seeing your gear can be a good conversation starter. Chances are there will be other riders. Folks will naturally keep an eye on your bike when they know which is yours. Commuting is great. To me it’s worth thinking about the details and spending some money to dial things in. Seattle traffic blows so anything you can do to increase comfort and reduce distractions is a worthy investment. Enjoy and ride safe!
  6. rustyshackles

    Most suitable panniers

    My inspiration came from the homeless guy I saw running this pannier setup on his shopping cart. Easy on & off the bike with no additional hardware. Gravity closure and quick access to bag contents. Highly water resistant and converts to balaclava or boot liner. Also suitable for use as tank panniers.
  7. rustyshackles


    I don’t know, that’s neither me nor my bike in the picture. It’s Neil Peart.
  8. rustyshackles


    Anyone familiar with this https://motomanufacturing.com? I searched but found no threads. It’s a solution I have not seen before.
  9. rustyshackles

    Best heated gear

    OEM grips with Aerostich Kanetsu Airvantage vest http://www.aerostich.com/clothing/heated-gear/kanetsu-electrics/aerostich-kanetsu-airvantage-electric-vest.html. Over the summer I got a used Warmbib http://www.aerostich.com/clothing/heated-gear/kanetsu-electrics/aerostich-electric-warmbib.html on eBay but haven’t triedit out yet.
  10. rustyshackles

    Just another day on CA freeways...

    Note to MSF...tell them at basic rider course
  11. rustyshackles

    When to get a wiring block?

    I’ve been considering this as my accessory list has grown, what if anything is recommended to be on an unswitched circuit?
  12. rustyshackles

    Greetings from Central Florida

    How did you like the Bandit? That bike was on my short list with the FJ-09 .
  13. Has anyone used this? I’m considering trying for an upcoming business trip. Wondering what experience people have had.
  14. rustyshackles

    New from Costa Rica

    Hello Jose. Tell us what the roads and riding are like in Costa Rica. I’ve not been there.