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  1. PM me your address and I’ll drop it in the mail.
  2. Another school very worthy of consideration is Stayin’ Safe. I did this in 2018. We spent the better part of 2 days on mountain roads in N. Georgia and North Carolina. There was time spent on the range but it was mostly on roads. We’d stop for roadside instruction from time to time. What’s great is riders wear earpieces and the instructor, who is riding behind, gives feedback in real time using one-way radio. When we weren’t being coached on riding technique there was near-constant chatter about safety.
  3. Now free, meet to pick up in Coppell TX 75019.
  4. I moved my Zumo XT (which is quite good, a big upgrade over the 660) to my current bike and now find it to be a bit jiggly. Location is above the instrument gauge using a Cosmo Moto RAM ball setup and short RAM arm. Location on previous bike was on handlebars and there was very little movement of the GPS unit. for those with the XT have you had it detach from the base? The connection appears less solid that the 660.
  5. Pack-It Gear: Protective Organizers | Eagle Creek Your gear deserves the best. Protect it with our Pack-It Gear line... Someone will scream these are too expensive but this is just one option for organizing items inside a larger bag. There are many brands, sizes, levels or protection, durability etc. of similar products. Beats plastic grocery store bags.
  6. Buell Is Back Making Motorcycles And More Models Are On The Way Buell Motorcycles is back and it is...
  7. Tar snakes are common here in N. TX too. As someone said they’re not all the same, but I cannot see a difference in the materials. Another threat to traction in my town is decorative brick at some intersections. Looks nice I guess but slippery when wet! I sometimes struggle to keep relaxed arms when turning on it.
  8. 2015-2017 Yamaha FJ-09 Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light – Custom LED Yamaha FJ-09 Integrated LED Tail... was on my 2015 FJ-09 for 3+ years. No problems, worked as designed, gets you noticed from behind. I’ll ship only within CONUS.
  9. YAMAHA ,MT-09 TRACER,15-17 ,FJ-09 TRACER, 15-17 (530 MM + 40 MM WIDER) 420-Y142 Flip screens fit the original fairing... Part #420-Y142-001. Light tint. Used condition with blemishes and bug splats but no scratches or gouges. You might be able to clean it up, I haven’t tried. I purchased new in September 2019 and it was on & off my 2015 FJ-09 through November of this year. Extra mounting screws are included, FJ-09 pin is gone.
  10. No, in fact I will be picking up a nicely farkled, rally-ready, low mileage 2013 V-Strom 650 on Friday. My plan is to ride the hell out of it and see where things stand in the Spring of 2022. I’ll post about it in the Other Bikes section at some point. Thanks for asking!
  11. I purchased used and believe it to be an older generation of the garment. No faults in the fleece but the waistband elastic is a bit stretched. Full length zippers on the outside and elastic at ankle. Still serves its purpose but I have not been wearing. just pay shipping USPS Priority Mail shoe box, should be $10-$12 or so.
  12. I scored a smoking deal on the Held Carese II at chromeburner.com. Not currently on sale by them but it’s a very nice jacket with vents aplenty. Waterproofness via a Goretex liner that can be worn inside or outside the jacket.