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  1. Did you tell him the site is beak friendly?
  2. If you are just commuting to work or riding short trips, try using the shoulder strap and wearing the US-20 courier bag style. It evenly distributes a reasonable amount of weight across the shoulders and back.
  3. Does the Sand 3 slide off of the hand easily in hot (sweaty) weather? I have been thinking about replacing my Klim Induction short gauntlet due to extra effort required during TX summers, plus it feels a bit thin on protection and the cuff is a hassle to cinch down and get under jacket cuff. Truly fits like a glove though.
  4. I like the idea of using trip 2 for chain lube intervals, will start at next lube!
  5. Does it happen only in cool or cold weather ? This has happened three times to my 2015 fj-09, never during warm weather. I asked a Yamaha tech and was told it’s related to oil viscosity, temporarily sort of clogging some part in the system.
  6. Here’s hoping for an epic trip. Keep us posted!
  7. Check out the flea market at advrider.com. There’s a wide range of used gear including all manner of Aerostich with new stuff added each day. I count five one piece Aerostich suits on the first page alone.
  8. The Yamaha demo truck was in my area today and I rode the Niken. It was a small group ride, following leader, only 20 minutes and no chance to really lean it over but I could feel the potential. I asked the guys at the dealership how it was selling nationwide (none there) and they had no idea. Seat is wider than the Seat Concepts that’s on my FJ-09 and I was on balls of feet at stops. Controls are similar to the FJ but the display has some differences. I’d have no qualms buying a used one some day. If it doesn’t sell and is discontinued I wonder if Niken owners will need to hoard parts like the DeLorean guys.
  9. I’m a partially reformed beak lover, having sold mine during a process of returning my FJ-09 to a more stock appearance. I still like the look though, and seeing these photos makes me think someday I might return to the dark side. Bottom line is if you fancy it & it fits your budget buy it!!
  10. I’ve got the Denali DM Micro LEDs fitted, nice ‘n bright. And after the on/off switch failed Twisted Throttle came to the rescue with a no muss no fuss replacement and since then no problems. I say give the products serious consideration.
  11. Nice write up and interesting choice of topic. My first and only experience with wild demo riding was at the local Ducati dealer a number of years back. Some guys spent the entire day there riding every model they could. This being Dallas there are no twisties but the group did surpass 100 mph more than once. It was fun for all and I wondered if a deal had been made with the police as we certainly stood out on the roads!