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  1. Motorcycle Consumer News Ride (electronic subscription) Ride Texas
  2. Would also be fun for people to post photos of themselves wearing their shirt while visiting fun/exotic/out of the way places
  3. Designs are good I think. Not sure how it would sell but how about an embroidered collared golf/polo shirt?
  4. The Hornet Deer Whistle - Electronic Deer Avoidance System WWW.XP3HORNET.COM The Hornet deer whistle electronic deer avoidance system by XP3 Corporation is the ultimate deterrent against costly and deadly motor vehicle deer accidents. Deer are the the deadliest animal in the USA. Opinions? Something to it or complete bollocks?
  5. rustyshackles


    I installed the Mirrorlok and I like it. Works as advertised. I’m comfortable leaving bike with helmet locked to it.
  6. rustyshackles

    Riding with eyeglasses

    Good to know as I have a Neotec. Planning to replace with Neotec II later this year.
  7. After many years of just wearing contacts I will start using glasses part time. I’m looking for tips ‘n tricks, e.g. suggestions for frames, is it worth using an anti-fog product during cold weather, etc.
  8. rustyshackles

    Niken sightings?

    No sightings in Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. However I’ve not seen another FJ-09 or Tracer 900 either!
  9. I like the idea of an option highlighting the engine. I’ve always dug this Triumph design
  10. rustyshackles

    Night rides

    This looks like it for iOS
  11. rustyshackles

    Coping with Winter

    Good stuff, very relevant for many of us. Thanks for posting.
  12. rustyshackles

    Reverse thread?

    Thanks guys I got the pieces separated. I appreciate the input.
  13. rustyshackles

    Reverse thread?

    Thx @texscottyd
  14. I’m trying to remove stock throttle side mirror stem from mirror extender without success. I know the stem mount on handlebars is reverse threaded, anyone know if the bolt that extends from the highlighted silver bit also reverse threads into the stock “Y” mount? will try WD-40.
  15. rustyshackles

    Fix a flat?

    I have a portable pump https://www.rockycreekdesigns.com/collections/tyre/products/motopressor-pocket-pump which connects to battery terminals or SAE connector. Easy. I’m interested to hear from those who use CO2.