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  1. I am your height with teeny bit shorter inseam. If seat is too wide option to aftermarket is taking it to an upholsterer (or DIY if you’re so inclined) to shave off some foam.
  2. A cover is the first line of defense against opportunistic thieves
  3. I’m trying to sell these on fleabay Hepco & Becker Junior 30/Junior Flash 30 Liner Cases (pair) <p>Hepco & Becker Junior 30/Junior... not sure about fit.
  4. The TdF is back with the Niken. Consider watching part of a stage even if you have no interest in competitive cycling. The courage, endurance, tactics and strategy on display are something to see. Phil Liggett is among the best play by play guys in all of sport.
  5. What’s the hydration setup? Doesn’t appear to be Motojug.
  6. Anyone know of a design that will work with the pointy tank? I’ve considered the Aerostich but ruled it out.
  7. Yes, minor league professional teams are also in play. Don’t make me have to do it myself.
  8. Your lucky day. I’m interested to hear how you handled the LEO encounter - do you think anything you said or did contributed to getting let off with a warning? Aside from having the other stuff in order?
  9. 10 days camping on the bike, she might be a keeper. Multiple campground locations?
  10. Time to take this in another direction I think. Professional sports is returning to our lives (hooray!) so new challenge: photo with your bike and an arena or playing field used by a pro team (any sport, any level) in frame.