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  1. I rode and loved a 2012 Street Triple R until a short series of frustrating mechanical issues led me to selling, and buying the FJ-09. It was a fun bike to ride.
  2. What about CycleCruza? Often cheesy but he cranks out the content and is reliably pro-gear and pro-safety.
  3. I’m guessing these new gloves, with free shipping from China, are counterfeit, >$100 at Revzilla.
  4. +1 SW-Motech Engage. For touring I use the its big brother Before this I used an excellent strap mounted bag 13 liter Shiloh Road Tankbag great build quality on the RKA, and unclipping one strap and sliding bag to one side to pump gas wasn’t too much of a PITA.
  5. I don’t have anything singularly epic planned so far. There’s a 4-day rally at the end of April Long Distance Rallies | Heart of Texas Rally Webpage dedicated to long-distance motorcycle rallies in Texas .Overlaid on most of 2020 are two go-as-you-please events, the Tour of Honor 2020 Tour of Honor Motorcycle Ride and Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas – A great tour for folks that love Texas and love to ride. A great tour for folks that love Texas and love to ride. I’ll visit TOH and MCGTTX locations during the HOT as time and location permit.
  6. I have two 14 year old boys. I have been parenting mostly using method C, believing it’s best they experience consequences before they’re driving or maybe getting a young girl pregnant. Their mother is a graduate of the B school however.
  7. Great stuff @chesterburnet. You can be the Heloise Hints from Heloise - Ask Heloise Helpful Hints Our resident cleaning expert, Heloise, helps you bust stubborn stains and... of the moto world. She’s the poor man’s Martha Stewart. i am a fan of Dr. Bronner’s. Cleans great and for showering the feeling “down there” needs to be experienced. The Wall Street Journal reported today that a bottle of the stuff is sold worldwide every 2.24 seconds!
  8. Aerostich Transit 2. I don’t wear at the height of summer (TX) but it’s my first choice 8+ months of the year. Fit, finish and protection are superb, it looks great and wearing it makes me happy. Aerostich have resumed production of the Transit with a new (non-Goretex) waterproof membrane.
  9. I’m of a mind as betoney and age as Cruizin. Rabble rousing online is not my style though in person some call my sense of humor depraved. Cruizin I salute you for bringing this up. Move Fireside chat to the top of the forum topic list? Things have been quiet there since I showed up but the spicy stuff could be encouraged and corralled there. Pass the hat and pay wordsmith a few AUD to come back?
  10. I’m not obsessed though motorcycling is usually my first choice over my other hobbies/interests these days, and unlike more physical pursuits the ability to continue for many years is appealing. I do often feel better mentally after a ride, but I’m careful not to let “two wheel therapy” go to far. Gotta stay focused on the task at hand!
  11. MirrorLok Smart Motorcycle Accessory www.motomanufacturing.com MirrorLok is a smart motorcycle... lock up yer jacket too