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  1. I’ve taken Lee Parks level 1 & 2 and found it beneficial. They teach a specific turning method, described in the book Total Control. Reading the book before taking level 1 is useful.
  2. I saw 30+ photos someone posted on a Tracer Facebook group and I gotta say the look of the bike is growing on me. Concerning though is one photo of the fuel gauge, which similar to current models had the 1/2 to full portion as a single segment. Hopefully the current method of suddenly plunging from showing full to 1/2 won't continue.
  3. A brief local getaway can help clear the mind and restore balance, particularly when such beauty and tranquility are within reach. Sounds like it was mission accomplished 👍! Thanks for sharing.
  4. @Alisia contact ASV if you don't see anything about this on the web site. If memory serves they generally do this only on request.
  5. ASV levers are nice, high quality and adjustable on the fly. Also they sometimes have refurbished or reconditioned levers available at a nice savings. I did this for my FJ-09 and previous bike and the wait was reasonable.
  6. Is interesting. Here’s another new tech-laden lid Quin Design - Smart just isn't good enough. Brilliant is better. Quintessential Design bring you the world's very first 'Real Smart...
  7. Welcome @Ride365. Interesting observations, I have been considering adding a V-Strom 650 with expectation that it would be an upgrade to the FJ-09 for gravel/dirt/sand riding, does the Strom not handle this well?
  8. Anthony from Revzilla reviewed a modular helmet, might be first gen Neotec, and says “no it’s not a smoker’s helmet.“
  9. I am wearing the Neotec 2, first gen Neotec before this. I agree with all points made by @keithu but I think ventilation, particularly across the top of the head, is pretty good. the red looks great. I went with white seeking greater visibility. My first gen was hi viz yellow, which isn’t available in the Neotec 2. I called Shoei USA and was told they were having issues with flaking of the hi viz yellow, which is what I experienced. This is a great lid and Shoei have priced it accordingly.
  10. I will be competing in the 4-day event starting the morning of October 14. Technology willing you will be able to track my ride (HoTR 2020) at SpotWalla - Public Trips if I have an interesting story to tell I’ll write a report after it’s done.
  11. Good to have you back in the extended family @wordsmith
  12. I had the 13l Shiloh Road on my FJ-09 for a few years. Superb quality. Like @Roxysdad I was happy to give the owners my hard earned cash. I visited the shop while in the area on business and Richard and Kathy treated me like I was their first customer. They’re part of the dying breed of small specialty businesses owned and operated by passionate enthusiasts. I also have the Kriega tail bag setup and it’s great. Bite the bullet and buy the US-20 new, then bide your time on eBay and moto forums waiting for deals on used smaller bags in the US- series.