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  1. Any recommendations? I searched forum without success. I’m replacing my first generation Higdonion cage setup which has developed a cracked weld.
  2. I had the HeliBars on my 2015. After a few months I decided I preferred the slightly more forward position and removed it. Good quality component though, no complaints.
  3. I took this one-day course Home - Prorider Dallas - Prorider Dallas ProRider® advanced motorcycle... in Dallas last weekend. It was taught by motor officers whose riding cred is beyond question. Students rode our own bikes. The focus is low speed control, and the technique is what is used in motorcycle rodeo competitions. I’m sure there is crossover into moto gymkhana. It’s a different way to ride. Rather than using throttle to adjust speed, the technique involves maintaining a low RPM throttle position (“set it and forget it”) and using the clutch to go faster or slower. It’s all about staying in the friction zone, body position, rear brake feathering, and looking through the turn. I have a long way to go to achieve muscle memory and confidence in the method but I clearly see that this is powerful stuff. Part of the challenge is unlearning bad habits. I don’t know if Prorider is national but similar courses exist I suspect. Another benefit was learning about local groups who meet for skills training sessions.
  4. Give it more time and riding before deciding. My AD-1 was purchased used so I can’t comment on break in, but can verify that they are waterproof. I am still deciding if I prefer TF-3 standard hip armor or those designed for Aerostich Transit pants (with sleeves). The Transit design is much thinner.
  5. The FJ-09 is a solidly capable LD bike particularly with cruise control added and windscreen to taste. I’ve done several IBA rides including a Bun Burner Gold and rallies as long as 65 hours and less range is the only glaring shortcoming v. bigger rides. More fairing, technology and creature comforts would help I suppose but donk is spot on about weight.
  6. How about a retired BMW police bike 2007 BMW R1200RT-P For Sale in Fort Worth, TX - Cycle Trader 2007 BMW R1200RT-P For Sale in Fort Worth, TX on Cycle Trader. I wouldn’t buy ex-LAPD but figure from a more suburban setting it probably hasn’t been put through hell, and likely was very well maintained.
  7. Yeah, I deleted, thinking a 2016 Bandit wasn’t interesting/unique enough for the thread. I do like the bike and it would be on my short list to replace my 2015 FJ-09. I’m not ready for a change yet but made the mistake of reading and watching Tracer 900 GT reviews...
  8. Welcome @gerryc91 you’re in the right place. I’m thinking about fitting those Givi crash bars to my 2015 but am on the fence about how they look. Good from that angle though. Hell of a backdrop too.
  9. C’mon @wordsmith we need your wisdom brother. Think of it as a part time forum member emeritus gig. Contributions as infrequently as suits you.
  10. When it’s time it’s time wordy...better to go out on your terms (as much as possible). I hope you’ll stick around these parts and continue contributing in your unique style...the Fireside chat section can use a boost. Best wishes to you and Mrs. Wordsmith!
  11. My first gen Higdonion cage has developed a crack in a weld and I’m looking for a new, combo solution and am having difficulty pulling the trigger. I want to decide before Black Friday sales begin. i find three types of protection: sliders Crash bars And engine case covers My question is what combination of the 3 types provides enough coverage? Two seems enough, having all seems like overkill. Users seem generally happy with all based on reviews. I am leaning toward sliders and a crash bar (SW Motech also make one). Regardless I’ll need to address my 2015 design oil pan. Any input appreciated.
  12. It was original cable. I was within pushing distance of my office, so push I did. Anyone have anecdotal evidence of a similar issue with brake cable? What’s reasonable lifespan for that?