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  1. Goretex with dual chamber system, a true three season glove. New without tags. $175 shipped CONUS, PayPal Friends & Family. Held Air N Dry Gloves Inside this glove you will find two compartments; one lined with...
  2. I don’t have a guess. Could we get a new picture target while we wait for the correct answer to the muscle car?
  3. My sticker arrived. Adhesive won’t separate from paper backing...before I assume it’s just a bad unit, anyone else experience this?
  4. Cruizin I disagree. Private vehicle sales can be a PITA. The decision is the value of one’s time and aggravation v. loss of cash in hand. I have disposed of vehicles both ways and have been satisfied with the outcomes. Users of the forum should contribute what they can regardless!
  5. First how to video I’ve seen done in mime
  6. R&G Racing Footpeg Blanking Plate Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09 / FJ-09 / Tracer 900 / XSR900 | 15% ($11.77) Off! Passengers only slow you down. Replacing a passenger footpeg mount... There is this but without fixing point functionality.
  7. Yes tender showed green light fully charged. A dud battery I guess, still under warranty.
  8. Greetings from Coppell (D/FW) and welcome to the forum.
  9. Clicking noise near battery, error code “err,” auxiliary LED lights and dash readout flickering. Battery is relatively new and lives on a tender so I don’t think that’s it. Very recently had gear position sensor replaced but bike ran fine on ride home from there. 45,000 miles. Bad starter?