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  1. Wordsmith your post reminded me of a fictional short story - not set in the Oz Outback but in a hot dry location - by Max Brand called Wine on the Desert. No moto content but it’s on topic and a good read. Damn I read this way back in high school and don’t think I’ve thought about it since. It’s funny how memories pop to the surface sometimes.
  2. Dehydration is serious business and the debilitating effects can strike quickly. The old wisdom about drinking before one is thirsty still holds water. There are lots of supplemental electrolyte products which are convenient especially when sports drinks aren’t an option. Here is just one Endurolytes - Electrolyte Replacement Supplement | Hammer Nutrition Precise electrolyte replenishment
  3. I have one of the knockoffs new in packaging will sell for $10 if you can pick up near Dallas. eBay price is too low to make shipping it anywhere cost competitive v. new/unsold. Appears to be decent quality.
  4. If you appreciate craft beer consider a side trip down to Bend and spend the night
  5. Fantastic! Looking forward to an epic ride report.
  6. I very recently started experiencing this on my 2015 FJ-09 (44,000 miles), with N and sometimes 1 not showing. Additional issue is if N is not displayed bike won’t start with sidestand down. If I’m sitting on bike with sidestand up and N not showing bike will start. On one occasion, sidestand down and N showing, engine started to crank and then stopped at exact moment when N disappeared. Possibly related to sidestand safety engine cut off feature?
  7. This is an Iron Butt Association sanctioned ride http://www.ironbutt.com/eggsanity/. I did the easiest version, two of the four restaurant chains. Here is the route I took, lots of interstate highway and several hours to spare at the end. The ride end was at the location just above “Denton” on the map, a Waffle House. SpotWalla.com - Trip Viewer EggSanity 1000 There was 20 minutes of heavy downpour with very low visibility otherwise weather and road conditions were good. A bike issue arose which I think has to do with the sidestand engine cutoff feature. There were times when the “N” and the “1” weren’t shown on the dashboard display - just blank space. Also if the transmission was in neutral and the “N” was not showing on the display the engine would only turn over if the sidestand was up. The ride was great fun.
  8. @shigeta posted an excellent review of the Evo Engage bag which led me to purchase it. I’ve been using a strap-based bag (RKA Shiloh 13 liter expandable) which has been satisfactory though it can lean a bit when expanded, and the straps are an added step at gas stops. I didn’t like the look of the larger SW Motech Evo bags and searching led me to the Engage XL SW-Motech Quick-Lock Evo tanktas, Engage Xl (14 Ltr.) - MotoPort.nl <P>Het innovatieve Quick-Lock systeem van SW-Motech zorgt er... which I plan to use for rallies and touring. Oddly it was available only from European and a Polish web retailer. I bought on eBay from a Canadian seller. i need more time with it to develop a fully informed opinion but so far so good. When empty or lightly loaded the end closer to the rider is a bit floppy but not a problem. There is clearance at full handlebar lock. Shoulder strap and rain cover were included.
  9. Area roads are massively important but what cities rate high for bike culture? San Francisco comes to mind. I’ve never lived there but have visited many times for business and pleasure during the last 22 years. The number of bikes parked in the Financial District on work days always made an impression on me. Also there are (or sadly were in some cases e.g. Helimot and CityBike magazine, RIP) lots of locally owned mom & pop businesses catering to the rider community.
  10. Numerous Niken sightings in today’s Tour stage...
  11. I’m a Shoei man, having worn Schuberth (which is also very good) previously. First gen Neotec currently and it’s fabulous. My first modular helmet and I’ll never go back to regular full face. Unbeatable for touring.
  12. Stage 1 of Le Tour was today. I spotted one Niken. They’re not the bikes out front with leaders or the peloton. My reading of the news releases leads me to believe they are doing gopher type duty further back.
  13. Every Sunday morning rain or shine there is a motorcycle get together at a coffee shop on the cool downtown square in Denton, TX. Denton is a college town (Univ. of North Texas) with a funky vibe (think poor man’s Austin) and solid bike culture. The Denton Independent Motorcycle Show Denton Independent Motorcycle Show Visit the post for more. is a unique annual event and there are businesses such as the Denton Moto Collective Denton Moto that are helping create community. The weather was nice this morning and a variety of bikes were there, even an FJ-09. I see very view of these in the area.
  14. The Iron Butt Association (IBA) is the governing body for endurance or long distance riding (LDR). Along with maintaining a list of official rides which range from challenging to insane http://www.ironbutt.com/themeridesthe IBA certifies rides and bestows membership to those that satisfy requirements and pay a fee. I’ve been an IBA member for about three years, having qualified by completing the entry level Saddlesore 1000 ride http://ironbutt.com/rides/ss1000.htmon my Street Triple R. That was a fun experience and I learned a few things about LDR covering a loop (all within TX) using I-20, US-285, I-10, I-35 & I-35E. Unknown to me then, the IBA also gives recognition for SS1000s done all within some state borders (including TX) so that was a bonus. I had been waiting for a convenient chance to attempt a step up in difficulty to a Bun Burner series ride (1500 miles in 24, 30 or 36 hours). I had done one or two rallies per year since the SS1000, most recently a 65-hour, so when a window opened in early June 2019 (wife away on business travel, sons at an overnight summer camp) I was feeling fit and decided to go for gold. I enjoy ride planning, and my rally experience has made me reasonably proficient at this, and I know my way around Garmin Basecamp software well enough. Preparation for the BBG attempt was straightforward as the route was a boring out & back on I-20 and I-10 from Benbrook, TX (west side of Fort Worth) to Lordsburg, NM and back to Benbrook. 5:00 AM start after spending the night in a nearby hotel. Planning amounted to picking gas stops (and verifying they would be open at my ETA), confirming there would be no planned highway closures, making sure the route was more than 1500 miles (Google Maps), and readying the bike including inspection and packing with needed items. I joined the IBA Premier program to support the organization and for the priceless benefit of avoiding the need for signed witness statements at the start and end of rides. The documentation I needed was dated business receipts at gas stops, photographed next to my bike’s odometer. LDR experience has taught me that time off the bike really adds up. Unplanned stops, such as the I-10 closure during my SS1000 ride due to a fatal crash, compound the situation and are out of the rider’s control. Throw in road construction slowdowns, city traffic, maybe a missed turn or two, severe weather, gas pumps that don’t dispense receipts etc. and the need to stay on task is clear. I needed some things to go right (see above list) to successfully complete the BBG. The FJ-09’s range means more gas stops than for riders of bigger bikes with the clock ticking at each. Happily things did go right and despite up to 90 minutes off-bike I finished with 30 minutes to spare and no big challenges other than time, distance and sleep deprivation 😬. There was rain but not heavy. I never felt threatened by law enforcement. The FJ performed flawlessly. My odometer is optimistic - indicated ride distance was 1.5% more than GPS and Google Maps, 1,540 v. 1,516. I’ve sent my paperwork to the IBA for approval. The mind-body connection is powerful. It was interesting how my perception of morning rush hour traffic during the ride home was effected. After staying “on” for an entire day I was now off, and I was a bit shocked at the aggressive driving of cagers going to work. The truth is it was normal traffic!
  15. I’ve had the same experience as bigorangecntry07. Always in cool or cold temperatures. I asked a Yamaha tech and he said it’s likely oil temp/viscosity related. Have the bike checked out if you are uncomfortable.