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Anyone running lower & narrower bars?


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I realize there's a point where you run into clearance issues on the front fairings where the handgaurds me, as well as the "pit" where the bars go in, but surely someone has done something to alleviate how high and wide the bars are on these bikes?
Is there a place to buy shorter bar risers?
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There are a few threads here on the topic... I will do a bit of searching and see what I can find. As I recall, the Outlaw Racing TH-08 Low Bar seemed like a good choice for a more sporting riding position.
Also, don't forget that you can move the stock bars forward just by rotating the handlebar risers 180 degrees. With the seat in the tall setting and the bars forward, it's a more sporting riding position. Not a massive change, but certainly noticeable.
I have an extra set of stock risers that I may tinker with machining some material off the bottom, but that only addresses the height, and not the swept angle at the end of the bars. I think some combination of replacement bars and modified risers is where I ultimately end up.
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