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This forum has been great for me and the FJ-09.  I have a pile of parts coming in today and this week.  I sent my ECU for a flash and I am getting it back with an exhaust.  I have flush mounted LED front signals coming today along with a tail tidy and LED rear signals.  A CRG clutch lever and Rox riser arealso on the way.  Finally I ordered the Yamaha heated grips, the universal ones, not the $290 ones.  Considering the money I dropped, I had to save where I could. I will post pictures of all installations and the final product.  Very excited and I love this bike.  Suspension work waits until Spring.
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I rerouted the clutch cable and the throttle. The throttle is an issue at full lock left. I have ordered some +3 cables for throttle and clutch. Rode 200 miles yesterday without issue. But I feel that over time they will be an issue.
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