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What the heck is this part doing ?


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Recently, I was hearing grinding noises when my radiator fan was starting in traffic.
At first I said to myself, Bah, probably a leaf or some other bio-debris.
But then the grinding noise started to become really annoying, to the point of beeing worrysome.
After carefully checking around the fan with a flashlight, I finally found this metal piece !
The hole is not threaded.
In order to extract it, I had to use a powerful magnet taped on a wooden stick.
I then recalled I went to the dealer earlier this summer to do the handlebar recall.
So I guess that it must have fallen off when the mecanics made the job ???
Anyone knows where it goes ?
What it does ? 
I have checked every bolt in the handle bar / radiator / top engine area, absolutely no clue if it useful or not.

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Looks to be the clutch cable guide (part of top radiator mount, LHS).
Yep, that should be part of the radiator upper mount... as I recall the radiator kind of 'floats' of the upper mount locating pin, so perhaps it got dislodged at some point during maintenance.
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That is exactly this part ! Thanks !
Not the clutch, but the radiator.
Did they really have to remove the radiator to perform the job ?
It seems to me that this part cannot dislodge itself. It was probably not reassembled well.
It seems that I need to go see back my dealer and get ready for a fight !
Thanks again.
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Well it appears that the part that has fallen off the bike is a Clutch Cable guide, part #19.
Yamaha GUIDE, CABLE 2 Part # 1RC-26132-00-00
Is there a nut, or grommet on the other side that would prevent it from falling (again), I don't have access to another FJ-09, and the diagram does not show anything...
Thanks !
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The bolt that goes through the assembly screws directly into a threaded tab on the frame. For that clutch guide bracket to come loose, it had to have happened when the radiator was unmounted for some reason. Aftermarket exhaust install? Valve adjustment, perhaps? I agree with the initial assessment that there's no way it just fell off on its own (provided the radiator upper mount bolt is still in place)
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