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Hola from Santa Cruz California!


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Well, Scotts Valley, but pretty close to Santa Cruz.  
Picked up my new to me 2015 FJ on Friday, and damn do I like this bike!  I've had my eye on them for a couple years, but resisted the urge for some silly appreciation for carbureted bikes.  I'm pretty much over carbs now, and really enjoying everything the FJ has to offer.  More range, luggage, and the engine, I love this engine! 
Previous owner was great, she didn't do anything to the bike except add some custom seat covers (which look kinda gaudy from close up, but the actual colors are muted so it's not terrible).  I'll be re-covering the seat at some point bringing it back to black.  She also made the original rear tire a perfect square, so I'm tossing on a set of PR4's tomorrow.  Other than that the bike is bone stock! I plan on doing minimal upgrades: low profile drain plug, skid plate, radiator guard, extra lights/ reflectors for the rear, maybe crash bars, and at some point in the distant future black out the fake carbon (vinyl wrap?).   
So far I've put 400ish miles on the thing, and liking the bike more and more as I ride it.  It's going to get a lot of work as a commuter, but hopefully also some good miles this winter on a tour somewhere (Baja?).  IMG_3836.jpg
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Welcome and congratulations on your FJ purchase. Keep in mind, mirror extenders if your elbows keep getting in the way. Also consider 2WDW ECU flash as I'm sure you'll be lovin the twisties in your area. Helps with the engine braking which the CP3 engine seems to overdue with stock ECU flash. It also smooths out throttle response a great deal. IMO
Everyday's a good day when your able to ride
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Welcome aboard, I agree with panooch on the mirror extenders, a must to see behind you. I also would consider changing the windshield, and you are good to go.
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