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Headlights go out when going over bumps


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Hi Guys! First post!
My 2015 red (fastest color) FJ-09 is having a strange issue. When I hit a bump, like railroad tracks at ~35mph, my headlights will briefly go out. It's never been out for more than a half second... but I'm going on a 3000mi trip soon so I've gotta get it fixed!
I've tried to wiggle the plug behind the headlights, no dice... not sure what to look at next. Any input appreciated!
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The first thing I would do its check if it's still in warranty, two years on Yamaha.
If it's not the obvious things like connectors, then it sounds like it could be an internal break I a wire loom. Anywhere pinched or looked damaged?
There was an issue of dealers(only a few) not routing correctly. Check to see if your wires have been routed correctly... this would be a reasonable claim even if it is outside warranty.
Oh and welcome... ?
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What Eeeta said...
Also if you just had the handlebar riser recall performed, it’s possible they pinched the wiring from the switches and somethings not plugged in correctly. The LH and RH switch wires are supposed to route between the risers.
If not, it’s got to be a loose connection/loose fuse in all likelyhood.
What work has been performed on the bike recently?
Or is this totally random?
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