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Hi Everyone!
I just came back from Israel after serving in the IDF, and its about time I got my license. I passed the MSF course, passed the tests at the DMV, and got my permit. My dad gave me his 2009 Tmax 500 to practice on, and I surprised even him, a seasoned rider since 1967, with my skill on 2 wheels (dirt biking when I was 16 really helped). After 5 days, enough was enough. It just wasn't a motorcycle. My dad and I went to the dealership, and got a 2016 FJ-09 (you can see my dads red 2015 model behind me). Now, 3 days later, I cant explain the feeling, but I am in love with this bike. Its the perfect blend of technology, style, and power. I hope to keep it very well maintained, and enjoy a long life with it.
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Congrats on the new bike, and welcome to the forum. I know exactly how you feel, as my experience was similar to yours. I was out of motorcycle riding for 30 years, and fell in love with this bike. Once I took it for a ride, I had to buy it, and the rest is history. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.
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