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Hi All, from Gloucestershire England


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Hi, just done the first 600 miles on my new Tracer 900 and it’s booked in for a service tomorrow, except we have 3” of snow so maybe I’ll have to rearrange that.  I’ve set up the suspension sag, more preload on the front and less on the back - how did Yamaha manage to mismatch the spring rates, is it really that difficult?  Anyway it feels much better already and that’s before I start on the damping.
i think the farkling is just about over, for now anyway. Fender extender on the front, hugger extender on the back, both painted grey to match the tank; radiator guard, Ermax touring screen (not been out since I fitted it but it can’t be worse than the standard one), Givi rack and big ugly top box.
i traded in a GS1200 twin cam for the Yam and I’m not regretting it at all, maybe I will at the end of a 500mile day but so far it’s all positive.
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Welcome Greenman! The seat is not for everyone, but for me it works for 200 miles. Then the bike needs fuel and I need a coffee. Its Xmas so your farkling can't be over. DRL's, mirror extenders come on!!!
See you around sometime!
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